Woman to Woman: Cannabis Wellness


Woman to Woman: Cannabis Wellness

The word “Mother” is uniquely feminine and the very core of existence. It embodies the essence of creation in every species, including cannabis. The flowers, which are the center of creation in the world of cannabis, come from carefully cultivated female plants. Even clones come from a “Mother Plant.”

Yet holding the miracle of creativity, in every species, does have its challenges, leaving females around the world tasked with the maintenance and management of their unique biology. Fortunately, a unique bond is being forged between women and cannabis, which stands to reason, as who could understand a woman better than another woman?

Women and Wellness

Cannabis legalization has started a long-overdue conversation about the potential benefits of an alternative approach to treating a variety of health issues. What’s more, many are exploring cannabis as an addition to their preventative health routines, including THC and/or CBD.


“As the conversation continues, the cannabis community has seen an increase in women, seeking alternative/complementary options for wellness through cannabis.” 


Shannon Brooks, an owner of Lightshade dispensaries in Colorado, has seen, first hand, women seeking answers in order to better understand how cannabis may be able to help with everything from pain relief, to tension and anxiety relief, and sleep.

Courtesy of: Lightshade Dispensary Aurora

Often times women have their own remedies for what ails them, perhaps a glass of wine, or even an over-the-counter sleeping pill, but the side-effects can be undesirable, at the very least.

“Cannabis is an exciting alternative to those treatments, as side-effects are limited and consumption has additional health benefits,” said Brooks.

Before we dive into the various woman-focused cannabis products available to you (in legal states, of course), Ms. Brooks presents some considerations as you begin to explore whether or not cannabis is right for your wellness routine.


“It is imperative that anyone looking to add cannabis into their wellness routine, consult a doctor first. A medical professional that is licensed to make recommendations for cannabis products to patients will evaluate any health concerns, potential drug interactions, and much more.” 


Aunt Flo Visits Once A Month

Nearly every woman on the planet knows the joy of maturity is marked with one very uniquely female experience – menstruation, the heralding of fertility. As the body matures and hormones change, this time of true femininity isn’t always marked with trumpeting cherubs as Venus arrises from the sea foam.

Often women, young and old, are afflicted with bloating, cramps, skin changes, heavy flows, and mood swings. Which is what inspired longtime cannabis advocate, Whoopi Goldberg to join forces with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles and noted cannabis product creator. The goal was to find relief for women’s menstrual discomfort.

Courtesy of Om Edibles™ – omedibles.org

The mission of Whoopi & Maya is to, “empower women of all backgrounds to find safe and natural ways to fight pain and relieve the symptoms of PMS,” said Danielle Massey, Brand Engagement Manager of Whoopi & Maya’s Colorado team.

Massey went on to say that women are drawn to their brand because their products are designed with women in mind. Whoopi & Maya’s herbal matrixes are carefully formulated, using a blend of ancient herbal knowledge and modern technology to pair complementary herbs with cannabis in such a way that no ingredient is elevated above the others.

Their herbal infusions are crafted to complement a woman’s body, as well as designed to support a woman’s physical and emotional needs during her cycle.

Whoopi Goldberg & Maya Elisabeth

Most women who are drawn to Whoopi & Maya’s products are premenopausal, medical and adult use women between the ages of 18 and 45, and the results have been more than notable

“Each day more and more women are sharing their success stories online with us, which, in turn, inspires others to try the products,” said Massey.

The hope is that federal legalization is hastened, as women from all over the country are reaching out with hopes of finding relief. But Whoopi & Maya have done more!

They’ve bridged the gender gap and have found that men have become regular customers of their Rub, which includes white willow bark, which makes it great for all aches and pains, as well as their amazingly delicious raw cacao spread. Massey said,


“Yes, our products were created with women in mind, but everyone can benefit from the way that we blend the ancient art of herbal healing with new innovations in cannabis use.” 


Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is the time of exploration in every maturing adult’s life. It’s exciting and often an expression of love. But what happens when life gets in the way? Stress, physical changes, discomfort during intimacy, these and many more are all are very real issues women face.

Enter Foria.

Foria is woman centric brand, which provides a variety of products both with and without THC. Their formularies have the potential to improve sex lives, as well as relieve symptoms of endometriosis and menstrual discomfort, without the “high” experienced from traditional cannabis use.

The Foria Pleasure line includes products you can only find at marijuana dispensaries, like

  • Foria Pleasure spray, which is receiving rave reviews from consumers struggling with lower sex drives
  • Foria Relief Vaginal Suppositories, which, according to their website, are the subject of a major medical research study, and formulated to relieve menstrual discomfort, as well as rectal suppositories, and
  • A micro-dosed vape pen – all in an effort to provide the relief consumers are searching for, as well as inspire intimacy through relaxation.
  • Foria Wellness line, which include a CBD spray similar to their Pleasure spray, a tincture, and vape, all CBD driven and available online.
  Courtesy of Foria Pleasure

Breast Health

Whenever women hear the words “breast health” they think of breast exams, cancer prevention, and early detection. However, there are many things to consider when discussing women’s breast health.

It isn’t uncommon, in today’s world, for women to explore breast implants. Most of the time, implants are rather benign, however in the case of Lindsey Mintz, they were anything but.

Lindsey experienced a very debilitating illness related to her body’s rejection of her breast implants, known as Breast Implant Illness, and her life was forever changed. Lindsay comes from a long line of professional athletes, so to have her abilities drained from her was not only physically challenging, but mentally, as well.

From the moment of symptom onset, which included toxicity, brain fog, and joint pain, she went straight to her physician. After a long process, and many setbacks to achieve a diagnosis, along with the heavy doses of pharmaceuticals, it became apparent that she was losing her quality of life, which included her ability to perform as an athlete.

Lindsey Mintz – Courtesy of Arcanumedge.com

In order to help her immune system recuperate and alleviate some of her symptoms, she made dietary changes and also added full-spectrum, activated hemp (which includes all cannabinoids) to her wellness routine.

Soon, she was back on track and even though her recovery can’t be linked to her newly acquired hemp regimen, she has become an advocate for responsible cannabis consumption and started her own brand, Arcanum, which is made with full-spectrum hemp, is geared toward athletes, and has been approved by the US Anti-Doping Agency and World Anti-Doping Agency.

Her mission and vision are to raise awareness for the risks associated with breast augmentation, encourage women to do their own research, and incorporate as much cannabis research as possible as to contribute and further the education and wellness of the people, whether or not they are athletes, and regardless of gender.

No Boundaries

Women’s wellness always reaches beyond women, as they seek knowledge and information not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones. As information on cannabis becomes more accessible, women are instrumental in changing the stigma surrounding cannabis.

Shannon Brooks of Lightshade said, “Women are more focused on healthier methods of treatment and typically conduct more research when deciding on how to take care of their families.”

But women are also faced with juggling the stigma of cannabis with the judgment of other women in their peer groups. Brooks went on to say, “additionally, I think that women are hardest on themselves and on other women.”

However, as women begin to accept cannabis, she feels that other women will stop worrying about the judgment of their peers, only furthering the positive impact cannabis can have on everyone’s life.

The cannabis community seeks to touch the lives of people, through both cannabis education and community outreach, so much so, Lightshade dispensaries have made community outreach part of their culture. Their outreach touches those experiencing extreme poverty or homelessness, improving access to food/hunger relief, and the country’s veterans.

Their efforts have reached women at The Gathering Place, which is a daytime drop in center for women, children, and transgender individuals experiencing extreme poverty or homelessness. These outreach efforts know no gender boundaries. Every effort toward cannabis education and outreach makes a positive impact on the people who make up our communities.

About the author:

Nina comes to you from the heart of Cannabis-Land, Denver, Colorado. She’s a passionate industry professional, consumer, marijuana advocate and author of “Unicorns and Donuts – The Art of Cannabis Sales”, available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions.


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