What to Know Before Trying Edibles for the First Time?


Edible cannabis is a preference among first-time users and those that are not big on smoking. If you do not know what you are doing though edible cannabis can be tricky, doing your research first can help set you up for success.

There have been cases where people have been mistaken for being dead due to edible ingestion. Now, it was quickly discovered they were, in fact, not dead. However, edibles can take some time to start feeling the effects, and if you do not anticipate that, you can quickly ingest way too much, resulting in a long, nice nap.

In this article, we will break down everything you should know before trying edibles for the first time. Assuming you would prefer to enjoy the high and not sleep for 8 to 12 hours straight.

Understanding How the Body Processes Edibles

Edibles are processed differently than smoking or vaping cannabis. When you smoke or vape cannabis, it is absorbed into the lungs and travels directly into the bloodstream. That absorption method results in feeling the effects typically within 10 minutes. When you ingest oral edibles, the body will absorb them just as nutrients from any other food or oral medication.

Once you ingest the edible cannabis, it must pass through the stomach, intestines, and then into the liver. The liver is the organ that will break down THC; only after then will it enter the bloodstream. Due to the digestive process, it could take up to 2 hours to feel the effects of the THC. You may start noticing minor effects within 30 minutes, but it will not hit you hard until roughly 2 hours.

Prepping for Edibles

Ingesting edible cannabis requires a bit of prep work. Before eating edibles, you want to consume real food. Don’t take edibles on an empty stomach. When they are ingested on an empty stomach, you will feel the effects quicker, and the results may be more intense, but it can cause an upset stomach and more likely outcome in a hangover.

Aside from eating a full meal before indulging in edibles, you will also want to up your water intake. Drinking plenty of water will assist with absorption, help with avoiding dry mouth, dry eyes, and prevent dehydration.

Take Edibles in a Safe Space

When ingesting edibles, you want to do so in a safe or comfortable space. At a minimum, do so when you have someone you trust with you who will remain sober like a designated driver. Even if you are sure you have the dosage down to the exact amount for you, you can never be confident about the effects weed will have on your body. Having a bed available or someone near to monitor you is how you should enjoy edibles responsibly.

In addition to consuming edibles in a safe space, you also want to make sure you create a safe space for those around you. If you have edibles in a home with pets or kids, ensure you keep edibles out of reach.

Determining The Right Dose

If you have no experience with cannabis or edibles, a beginner should only consume between 1.5 to 5mg of THC in one sitting. You can increase as your expertise grows but always start small and work your way up.

Homemade vs. Dispensary Edibles


Edibles at home are relatively easy to make. However, for beginners, we recommend dispensary bought so you can ensure proper dosing. A benefit of making edibles at home is being able to tailor them to your dietary needs but, the benefits do not outweigh the risk until you have mastered dosing. Many first-timers at a dispensary will opt to try gummy edibles or cannabis-infused drinks.

Trying Edibles for the First Time – Conclusion

Edibles are a much more soothing way to enjoy cannabis for some rather than vaping. Edibles are also a fun way to spice things up. Gathering all information possible before trying edibles for the first time is excellent to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. It is important to mention if you ever create edibles for a party you are hosting, always ensure accurate dosing because you could cater to many first-timers.


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