What Are the Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil?


What Are the Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil?

*As contributed by Leanne Brooks for Cannabis Magazine

First, let me start by prefacing that everyone has a preferred method for consuming cannabis and / or CBD. I firmly believe it’s up to the individual to figure out what’s the best form of consumption for themselves.

Second, my preference for CBD has come in the form of vaping and I’d like to share with all of you, why it has become my preference.

And while many may be aware, it’s best to start by saying, CBD oil is the extracted byproduct from cannabis or hemp plant. And while most people are inclined to using marijuana the conventional way like smoking or eating, others prefer some of the more recent methods in the market over the past several years, more commonly known as vaping.

Of course, the safety of vaping CBD oil will still depend on the product’s purity. Since CBD oil is not regulated properly in some countries where cannabis is legal like Canada, sometimes the methods of extraction and the final product can be sketchy.

Hence, it’s imperative that you choose a trusted and reliable dispensary (or brand) to ensure that the CBD oil is extracted with less harmful solvents.

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If you intend to get the most cannabinoids from CBD, look for expert growers that harvest, dry, and cure superior cannabis flowers. Plus, check if the dispensary is using CO2 as the primary solvent for extraction as this is considered the cleanest method for vaping. It also doesn’t hurt to ask if the dispensary has tested their CBD products for potency and other harmful substances like pesticides and heavy metals.

How Does Vaping CBD Oil Work?

While many are already familiar with “vaping”, for those left to discover this form of ingestion, vaping takes place through the form o f a battery-operated “pen”, which works by releasing power to the heating chamber. Once the CBD oil is heated between 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this then produces the CBD oil into vapor and is then inhaled through the vape pen’s mouthpiece.

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Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

So, what are some of the benefits of vaping that have personally made me feel like this is one of the best ways to consume CBD?

#1 High Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the term which defines how much of the substance travels into your system and how substantial the impact of the substance’s effects are.

Say, for example, when ingesting CBD, the bioavailability is roughly 15 percent. So if you’re eating a 100-mg CBD product, only 15 mg will get into your bloodstream. The best part about vaping CBD oil is that it has a high bioavailability, garnering a range between 40 to 60 percent. You won’t even have to spend that much to get the desired effects because only a little amount of CBD oil is needed.

#2 Great for Instant Medicinal Relief

Since vaping CBD oil will travel straight to your bloodstream through your lungs, the CBD product doesn’t have to go through your gut and liver.

Taking CBD orally has several factors that will come into play in terms of maximizing effects such as body weight and eating it with a full or empty stomach.

Depending on the quality of product, vaping a quality CBD oil will give you instantaneous relief for different mental and physical conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sleeping disorders, and even seizures.

#3 Titrated Intake

When vaping CBD oil, the effects can be as fast as five to 10 minutes after inhaling.

This is extremely beneficial for those who are new to vaping as they can measure the dose depending on their tolerance.

After their first inhalation, you can wait for approximately 10 minutes and assess the effects. Then you can add gradually if necessary. Plus, you can do this in public with total discretion as vape pens do not produce the same smoke from a joint or pipe.

#4 Friendlier on the Lungs

When vaping CBD oil, you can’t get the carcinogenic combustion components that usually cause airway inflammation from traditional cigarette smoke or inhalation, lung hyperinflation, and worse, lung cancer.


If you are new to vaping, always remember to get the cleanest and purest CBD oil from a trusted brand or dispensary. In addition, start with a low dose, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the potent effects of CBD oil.



Leanne Brooks is an ardent blogger who loves to share innovative ideas on promoting mental and physical health. As an advocate of legalization, she writes about medical and recreational marijuana and its health benefits. She is currently working for Green Society, one of the leading online dispensary in Canada, which offers the best quality locally-sourced cannabis from craft cannabis connoisseurs.

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