What 4/20 Really Means


4/20 started as a day to honor (or…consume) the cannabis plant. Cannabis consumers proudly united on this day, often in secrecy, when toking was a dangerous and rebellious act. 4/20 was a day claimed by counterculture.

In many places this is still the case. In many places, possessing or consuming cannabis is still a criminal act. An act that must be hidden and kept in secrecy.

But what about in the places leading the change? What about the places where you can walk in to a store and purchase cannabis products on any day of the week? Can the places seeing such monumental changes in cannabis policy also lead the change in 4/20 celebration?


Can 4/20 also be elevated, to not just a day to smoke cannabis, but rather a day to share the HEART of cannabis culture?


A belief in human rights is at the heart of the cannabis movement. A belief that people should not be imprisoned for acts such as consuming a plant, that people should have the right to heal their bodies naturally, that government should not limit freedoms.

Connection, activism, health, love, and forward thinking are at the heart of cannabis culture.

what 4/20 really means Cannabis Magazine


While 4/20 is still a day to enjoy the plant, it also has so much more MEANING. 4/20 is a day to LIVE THE HIGH LIFE, not just by experiencing cannabliss, but by sharing with the world all of the greatest parts of the cannabis culture, such as:


How many friends have you bonded with because of cannabis? Extend a friendly smile, or good deed to a stranger.



Find a cause to support in your community. Maybe planting trees, or feeding the homeless. The spirit of the cannabis plant is giving, elevating, without asking for anything in return.


Higher Mindedness

Spend some time in meditation, detaching from the mundaneness of everyday, and connecting with the universe’s stillest vibrations.



Take this day to speak up for something you believe in. Honor the high life by giving a voice to the disempowered.



Cannabis breaks boundaries. It allows people from all places, in all circumstances to connect and to relate. Take 4/20 to release that grudge, listen with an open heart, see the similarities rater than the differences.


Take 4/20 to LOVE and live HIGHER.


All the Highest,



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