Top Cannabis Product Types for Athletes


Cannabis has many lifestyle enhancing uses for high performers of all types, athletes included.  Many athletic individuals looking to explore the benefits of cannabis for their workouts, training sessions, or cool-downs but are not quite sure where to start.  Below are 5 product types which are good for muscle soreness and performance level brain wave frequency.


Topical Balms

Topical balms are especially effective for muscles soreness and stiffness, something which many athletes deal with on a daily basis. Topical balms can be placed directly on the skin in the area where soreness and stiffness occur.  If you find a good quality balm which actually permeates the skin’s surface, the healing powers of the balm will relieve the pain.


Sub-lingual tinctures

Many athletes find that a sublingual tincture with a balance of CBD and THC really helps them get in the performance zone.  Tinctures are especially good for athletes who want to stay away from inhaling smoke or vapor.  To take a tincture you simple place as many drops as you desire (ask a dispensary gent about the dosing of your tincture) and hold it there for 2 minutes so it can absorb in through the tissues in your mouth.  Then, go running, or lift some weights, and, from what many high performing athletes say, you feel like you could go for days.



Mints are the perfect edible for the athlete looking for a calming yet energizing lift during a workout.  Mints provide the ability to manage micro-doses, so as long as an athlete knows their tolerance, there isn’t the concern of over-consuming.  Also, mints have lower sugar content than most edibles, and still have the benefit of not having to inhale smoke or vapor.



Much like topical balms, patches give athletes the ability to place the healing powers of cannabis exactly where muscles soreness or stiffness occur.  Patches come with CBD, or THC and stay on for 10 hours+, depending on the brand you buy.  Dosing varies depending on the match so make sure to ask your dispensary agent to help you choose the patch which has the power you re looking for.  A top benefit of patches is that they are easy to place, they work on your muscles’ behalf for hours, and they are discrete.  No one will even know you’ve got cannabinoids working on your muscle soreness all through the day.


CBD Infused Water 

Get the benefits of CBD as you hydrate throughout your workout with CBD infused waters.  CBD has calming, and pain relieving properties, without that cerebral high which is commonly associated with cannabinoids like THC. 



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