The Case for THC Microdosing


When your primary care doctor prescribes you medication, they give you a dosage amount to ensure you get the amount of medicine you need to help with your ailments. The great thing about medical marijuana is there is no required dosage, just recommended, but you can adjust the dosage to fit your needs! That is where THC microdosing comes in. 

Microdosing is the practice of taking low doses of a medicine, in this case, cannabis and adjusting slightly until finding the amount that works for you. As the saying goes, “Start slow and low.” A microdose starts at approximately 1-2.5 mg. It is best to microdose when using cannabis in edible form and tincture oils. Edibles are easy to divide up and, tincture oils come with a medicine dropper to ensure you are taking the correct dose. 

How to Microdose THC

It is harder to microdose when smoking flowers out of a blunt, bowl, or pipe. It is also harder to microdose when vaping. The best way to microdose when using flowers is to use a one-hitter. A one-hitter is a pipe that is designed for a single ‘hit’. If vaping and want to microdose, the best product to use is the mid-dose vape pen. These are vape pens that allow for a three-second draw, dispensing a microdose each time. 
There are many ways for THC microdosing using tincture oil. You can use it sublingually which, means under the tongue. You do this process because the cannabis is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream this way. You can also apply the oil topically. When applying cannabis to your skin, there is no need to worry about microdosing, even if there is THC in the product. There are no psychoactive effects from applying cannabis topically. 

Why You Should Microdose

The reason for microdosing with marijuana is because of the psychoactive effects of THC. Taking too much THC can have adverse side effects. Whenever using a high THC product, you will want to have a CBD product with you. The CBD will help get rid of any adverse effects; you might be having from the THC. It will also add a boost to the positive results that help with ailments such as chronic pain. 

THC Microdosing – Conclusion
There is no standard dose. Microdosing THC allows you to discover the right amount for you. The goal is to find a balance and sense of well-being in your life. It is a good idea to log your microdosing in a journal or on an app to help keep a record of your dosing, stating how much you’ve taken and, if you need to adjust, you can look back on your notes.


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