Sex and Cannabis – What is the Difference Between CBD and THC for Sex?


Sex and Cannabis – What is the Difference Between CBD and THC for Sex?

From Sexpert and Author, Debra Shade.

For those of you who get hornier when they are high are users of a THC based cannabis. Hybrids containing high doses of THC can make you feel like humping the nearest leg. Regardless of how you consume cannabis, flower or oil, your sex life could benefit greatly.

What is the difference between CBD and THC for sex? You will be surprised. Cannabis is either CBD, THC or a hybrid of them both. CBD is an Indica that may cause sleepiness and/or complete relaxation and THC is a Sativa which increases alertness, visual stimuli and relaxation without knocking you out. The high from the blend of the two is very individualized, but for most it’s a blend that relaxes and awakens your senses

Why does that matter? Obviously, you don’t want to fall asleep in the middle of the mix, do you? Thus, you must use CBD in appropriate doses before a sexual encounter. Enough CBD that allows you to feel relaxed and sensual is the perfect balance for intercourse because it allows you to let loose of some of your inhibitions and enjoy the moment, the feels and the thrills

The opposite, (sometimes extreme), is the inappropriate amount of THC which will hyper stimulate your nerve endings and make it hard to focus on the task at hand. You may rush the experience or feel anxious and jittery. It is really hard to reach orgasm in a chaotic state of emotions.

But wait! We have the enjoyment of a hybrid of the two. There are over 4,000 strands of marijuana. The spectrum is CBD-Hybrid-THC, the more or less of either determines the strength of the hybrid.

Budtenders will tell you that the difference in the results are found in the terpenes used in the hybrid. They play a major role in tailoring the high. Whether it’s woody, earthy or skunky, the terpenes will determine how relaxed you get. Even if it puts you to sleep! The other ingredients such as lavender, citrus and/or flowers can decrease how relaxed you get.

The more CBD the less euphoric, making it a great choice for before an encounter or after one. Maybe for you, it will lessen anxiety making you relax and enjoy the moment. THC actually causes a mental shift for most users. This shift allows the user to be physically ready for sex. For some, there can be increased sensitivity. It really varies.

A special note, when it comes to edibles the rules slightly change. Foremost, the reactions to the cannabis is based on how your body will metabolize the edible. Taking small doses and waiting a full 2 hours to feel the effects is highly advisable. This will ensure you don’t overdo it and can’t perform.

Here are five cannabis strains for five types of sex. It makes a difference so pay attention. Foremost, note that these are all referring to the use of flowers only. Consider what type of sex you want to have. Whether you will be alone or with a partner. If it’s quick, frenzied or passionate, you will want to choose a strain that will give you the best sexual experience. It would also help to know how your body will respond to the strain you wish to use. It also matters how you plan to consume the flower. Whether you will be smoking or eating it, its consumption delivery method regulates the speed at which you will feel the effects.

For a sexy time by yourself, try a well-known strain called Girl Scout Cookies (Gsc). This strain is a hybrid and allows you to relax into pleasuring yourself. It’s creative and euphoric. Your fantasies are more vivid, its quick to set in and encourages your imagination to take over.

For slow, passionate lovemaking use Bubblegum Kush (Bgk)! An Indica that gives a very heady high that may increase your need to touch. Massages feel more intense and the high can last a lot longer. Bubblegum Kush allows you to be intimate passionately. Your overall response to touch is heighten and delivers a relaxed orgasm rather than the tension filled experience including the tightening of your muscles and limbs during climax.

You want lustful, passionate or frenzied sex, then you want to use Sour Diesel (Sd) This Sativa has a rush of energy at the beginning of its high. The results are a very intense “don’t stop” experience that Sour Diesel will augment. Heart pounding, skin flushed, touch sensitive and insatiable desire have been experienced by many.

For great morning sex, a great Sativa-based strain is Harlequin (Har). Harlequin, is good for when you can’t show up somewhere stoned. Add Harlequin to you morning sex drive and enjoy the effects of pain relief, relaxation and clear-headedness a much better way to start the day. The high is short and sweet.

Want to have incredible creative, kinky sex? Then you want a hybrid strain called Jillybean (JIL). Jillybean is euphoric, uplifting and highly creative. This makes it easier to add new and interesting things to your arsenal. Jillybean will give you a boost in confidence to ask for what you want and enjoy it to the fullest.

Here’s to wishing you the most fun in finding the right strain for you. Remember, these are just a few, there are an outrageous amount of strains on the market, knowing which strains works best for you, will increase your pleasure from various sexual activities.

#KeepitSexy – Debra Shade

About the author:

Debra Shade is a Sexpert, Author and Script Writer. She delivers sex education workshops and seminars across the Midwest. You can reach out to her on Facebook @shadyontop on Twitter @shadeyontop and Instagram @shadeyontop



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  1. George 1 April, 2019 at 22:07 Reply

    This article is false, well at least part of it.
    Cbd hemp can be sativa or indica dominant, and even have ruderalis genes as well. and most of them are sativa dominant.
    All three indica, sativa, and ruderalis can have both thc and cbd, as well as all sorts of other cannabinoids… and terpenes to compliment each cannabinoid profile.

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