Psilocybin and THC – A Winning Combo or Bad Idea?

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Psilocybin and THC – why not consume both simultaneously? Mystical experiences may be induced with either substance, though the dosage determines the intensity of physiological and hallucinogenic experiences.

Self-reported data presupposes that high doses of THC may induce subjective experiences similar to states identified in using psilocybin. Each may alleviate depressive cases otherwise untreatable by modern psychiatric techniques, cigarette dependency, alcohol abuse, and distress caused by cancer.

Psilocybin and THC Combination Experience Possibilities

Breakthrough experiences induced by THC consumption, best described as “oceanic boundlessness,” overlapping with the reality-resetting states caused by consumption of psilocybin, can increase the trip’s intensity, proving to be too uncomfortable if one doesn’t have much experience with psilocybin consumption. On the other hand, feelings of nausea and anxiety experienced by some may be reduced or eliminated.

Consumption of both substances may cause more exciting and intense visual and auditory hallucinations and more engaging thought models. However, there is always the chance that one may be terrified because of the altered visuals, especially when one’s eyes are closed.

If one finds that cannabis ameliorates nausea and anxiety, consuming cannabis before consuming mushrooms may prepare you for the trip; however, if you’re new to mushrooms, it would be prudent to abstain from cannabis to gauge how mushrooms affect you.

Proceed With Caution

Used together, psilocybin and THC may be a catalyst for altered or entirely new worldviews, philosophical beliefs, and a creative tool. However, you must be cautious in usage if one’s experience is limited with either substance; otherwise, mental health is liable to worsen, and new symptoms may develop. Alcohol and any other substance use are ill-advised.

Ensuring that one is in a positive state of consciousness, free of guilt, shame, fear, and hatred, is crucial for a pleasant experience. The setting is of equal importance; a quiet, familiar place in the comfort of one’s home may be ideal. Lighting, music, aromas, and other people you love and trust are controlled variables. A place in nature is just as viable and may offer a unique experience. However, before venturing with both substances to an uncontrolled environment, a previous usage of psilocybin and THC simultaneously is advised.

THC consumption may augment a psilocybin trip after two to four hours have elapsed. At the end of a psilocybin trip, one may consume THC to help crystallize the experience with a memory compatible with language contextualization. Recurrent hallucinations after a trip’s ending–or long after, is a low-risk occurrence, which may prove to be frightening and stressful.

Psilocybin and THC – Conclusion

Overall, whether combining psilocybin and THC is “good” or “bad” is a subjective decision, dependent on mental health history, previous experiences, one’s current state of consciousness, setting, and other proximate entities. While many people use psilocybin solely for the experience, the pairing of psilocybin and THC yields potential health benefits.

Psychedelics may one day overtake the marketplace for pharmaceutical drugs and anti-depressants. Psychedelic-assisted therapies are successful enough to threaten the stability of the entire industry if they are to become legalized and incorporated into mainstream commerce channels.


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