How to Become a Pro-Cannabis Advocate


With more and more states enacting laws to legalize medical marijuana, more patients are benefiting from the healing properties of the plant.  Oklahoma became the latest state to legalize medical marijuana in June, leaving 20 more states where medical and recreational marijuana is still illegal.

Only nine states have implemented recreational marijuana laws, which have been far more challenging to pass among the states. Arizona prop 205, which called for legalizing possession and consumption of marijuana by adults 21 and older, was rejected last year.

The push for legalizing recreational marijuana continues, as pro-Cannabis organizations, voters, and politicians remain steadfast in their rally for this measure.  Backed by constantly emerging research about the benefit of Cannabis (including CBD), supporters have ramped up their efforts to not only legalize the responsible use of recreational marijuana but to reduce the lingering stigma around it.

It takes a village when it comes to changing a culture around something that has long been seen as a threat.  Community, education, and advocacy are the key to changing minds and influciening change.

If you’d like to get involved in the pro-Cannabis community, and help push the momentum towards legalized recreational marijuana in Arizona, here are a few ways you can make a difference.

Find Your Community

There is power in numbers!  The propositions would never make it to the ballot without the backing of pro-cannabis advocacy groups and organizations.  You can choose to be involved in changing legislation at both a state and federal level as well.

Seek non-profit, pro-Cannabis organizations online to join.

Pro-cannabis organizations can be found in social media groups (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc) or via websites.   In Arizona, the group works to change laws around Cannabis. The site has available resources, from upcoming petitions and propositions, to a list of events and meetings.

Attend events and rallies 

Large events unify and give a face to the pro-Cannabis community.

Donate and volunteer

Many pro-Cannabis organizations have membership options that help to greatly support their mission and further their ability to reach more people.

we want change pro cannabis advocacy Use Your Voice

Expressing your beliefs and your experiences about the overall positive impacts of Cannabis helps give voice to the movement in ways that are far-reaching.

Consider taking some action:

  • Write letters to your political representatives
  • Submit articles to local online and print publications
  • Join the conversations on social media, podcasts, or radio shows
  • Share stories and experiences with how Cannabis has changed lives (maybe even yours)

Education Begins with You

Bringing awareness to the issue is one of the best ways to help educate the general public.  It’s important to remember that recreational marijuana would allow for the healing and treatment of conditions that aren’t currently listed under Arizona qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.

  • Become informed and educated on current state and federal laws around Cannabis
  • Stay up to date with the latest research on how Cannabis supports overall health and wellness.
  • Support and share the latest news of upcoming legalization measures in any state

It’s Not Just About Consuming Cannabis

It’s important to remember that advocates of Cannabis legislation aren’t solely interested in having access to Cannabis.   Most organizations are dedicated to the efforts of supporting non-punitive, non-coercive policies around marijuana.   This means helping to change state and federal laws, to reduce or eliminate penalties for the medical and non-medical use of marijuana,  and calling for laws that responsibly regulate it similarly to alcohol.

The purpose of legalizing recreational marijuana is to allow safer and more responsible access, while ensuring that laws are reformed to reflect the decriminalization of cannabis.

With every person that stands up to support legalizing Cannabis, the negative views surrounding marijuana will slowly begin to lose power.


Change begins with you!


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