The J Whitney Group

“For the Higher Minded”

Cannabis & Cards: A Poker Player’s Zen

Dear Cannabis, in a lot of ways, I admire where you guys are as an industry.  The money is rushing in; and, the profits are taking off. Being around a boom can…

Growbuddy Co-founder - David Standard

Featured: Growbuddy – Daniel&David

“We built a system around the needs of actual growers. Back when we started developing GrowBuddy, the only way to track the daily activity of a garden was with whiteboards and notebooks.”   Featured…

Cannabis Industry Events

5 Steps to Picking the Best CannaEvents

How to Choose The Best Events In The Cannabis Industry Because, trust us…only some of them are worth your time. Whether you are a pioneer or new to cannabusiness, surely you have noticed…

Cannabis Tech Investors

Investors High on Cannabis Tech

It’s all about the picks and shovels for cannabis investors these days. Just like the early winners in the Gold Rush era, investors are increasingly betting on those early-mover companies that provide…

Morale Musts for cannabusiness owners

5 Morale Musts for CannaBusiness Leaders

Leading a cannabis business, whether you are an owner or have a hired leadership position, makes you part of a social movement.  It makes you a part of social change. That’s a BIG responsibility.…



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