No, Cannabis Will NOT Cure Coronavirus, But it Could Help You Feel Better


There’s a lot that we do and do not know about cannabis at the scientific level. What we don’t know for sure is whether weed will have any effect on the Covid-19 virus, but it’s likely not a cure. What we do know however, is that cannabis can aid with flu-like symptoms. As Willamette Week reports, cannabis and CBD have been shown to be effective as pain relievers, antibacterials, and even bronchodilators.

Cannabis for Covid-19

The scientific community is just barely getting its hands around what Covid-19 is, so obviously there has not been time for clinical testing on the effects of cannabis on the virus. But past studies have shown that marijuana use can help with certain symptoms of the flu, which are similar to those of this new coronavirus.  For example, CBD and other cannabis compounds have been shown to help support the immune system, aid sleep, and relieve pain. All these symptoms seem to be common in Covid-19, so, while it’s not going to cure you, using CBD and marijuana could make you feel better.


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