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There is a farm in upstate New York that produces an all-nature super food for plants and soil that is gaining traction within the organic cannabis farming community. Founded by Chad Currin, BioSoil Farm’s, located in Glenville, NY, converts compost into a line of completely organic liquid and solid nutrient products that feed the soil to in-turn feed the plant.

BioSoil Farms’ Naked Nutes brand relies on the company’s custom bread night crawlers, specially engineered for their excrement.  For two weeks, these worms consume an organic, vegan diet sourced from what would otherwise be wasted grain, converting it into premium quality worm castings  (i.e. worm poop). Worm castings act as a soil conditioner that helps break down other nutrients in the soil to make nutrients readily available for plant uptake.

Benefits of Organic Nutrients 

Organic nutrients offer several benefits over synthetic nutrients for cannabis growing. Organics typically are slower releasing, reducing the risk of overfeeding and nutrient burn. Organic nutrients also have a beneficial effect on microorganisms, which are needed for healthy plant growth. Since organic nutrients are made from natural substances, they provide a more sustainable environment and are overall better for the planet’s carbon footprint.

When compared to synthetic nutrients, organic nutrients improve the growth and health of your plants over time, while reducing nutrient run-off. It also enhances the flavor of the final product, a difference that many organic farmers say you can taste and smell in the finished product. Some growers and medicinal customers also prefer organically grown cannabis, as no chemicals are present to potentially enter your body when consumed.

In terms of drawbacks, organic fertilizers usually take longer to be absorbed by the plant, as the microorganisms that break down nutrients takes some time. In colder climates, these microorganisms work even slower breaking down nutrients, making organic growing less of a precise science and harder to manage.

When compared to growing using synthetic fertilizers, organics can attract insects and pests and have increased chances of producing fungi or algae growth. And finally, organic nutrients are usually more expensive than synthetic chemical-based nutrients.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plant

Cannabis plants require six major nutrients to support healthy flowers, or buds: three are obtained naturally, from the air and water, including Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, and Oxygen; and the other three include Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, commonly referred to as NPK.

Additionally, minor nutrients, such as Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur are essential for healthy plant growth, contributing to the development of strong cell walls, the production of chlorophyll, and for development of different vitamins and enzymes. And, seven additional elements, including Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc, Nickel and Chloride are also required in smaller amounts, which is why they’re known as “micronutrients.” It’s the delicate balance of these nutrients that can mean the difference between healthy flowering plants and deficiencies that can seriously impair growth.

But, while most organic fertilizer is slow-release, and needs to be broken down further by the soils microbiology to nurture the plants, BioSoil has developed Encapsulated Worm Castings, a process borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry, where they pulverize plant micro and macro nutrients and encapsulate the worm castings in them. This makes for a more timely approach to organic nutrients.

“The result is a nutrient system that provides everything soil-grown cannabis needs via completely organic process, which increases product yield by up to 30 percent,” explained company founder, Chad Currin.

The Naked Nutes product line includes the following:

  • Naked Nutes Encapsulated Worm Castings – delivers and “fixes” nutrients and micronutrients to keep your plant at a peak state of health for ideal plant, flower and bud development.
  • Naked Nutes ROOT & VEG – this unique plant nutrition system will build your plant root system to an amazing size and promote the maximum growth of your stalk and plant during rooting and vegetative stages.
  • Naked Nutes FLOWER – this unique plant nutrition system will develop an incredible number of flowering sites and use the plants amazing size to deliver maximum nutrition to your bud sites and flowers delivering sizable buds.

If you want to learn more about BioSoil Farms’ organic nutrients for your cannabis plants, visit the websites and



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