Mostly Dead : Classic Funny 911-Caller


One of the best movie lines of all times is from The Princess Bride, which tells a ridiculously improbable love story, chock full of giants, oversized swamp rats, sword fighting and clichéd phrases that stick in your mind because some of them are also brilliant. At some point Wesley, the lowly farm-boy, is tortured to death because Prince Humperdinck wants to marry Buttercup, Wesley’s lover. Fortunately the town magician, Miracle Max realizes that Wesley is not really dead.


Given Wesley’s state of existential limbo, Max explains that “There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.”


On that account, Max creates chocolate covered pills which bring Wesley back to full life. As inconceivable (pun intended) as everything in that movie is, feeling mostly dead is something cannabis users can relate to. Feeling mostly dead is on the spectrum of cannabis experiences right along with uncontrollable laughter, and making really good music. The “mostly dead” caller in the following youtube video baked and ate pot brownies with his wife (the quantity remains unknown) when this happens:



As both this clip and the Princess Bride illustrate, death is not binary. It is also clear that “mostly dead” people can still have a pretty decent conversation.


“I don’t know, we made pot brownies.

And I think we’re dead.

Time is going by really really really really slow”.

-911 Caller


While overdoses from contaminated pot products can and should be taken seriously, this caller’s scenario is a classic for the cannabis history books. And remember, the next time cannabis takes you for a death spin, you’re probably just “mostly dead.”


What “dies” may be beyond scientific or logic explanation, but maybe, just maybe it has something to do with the Ego. Coming back out of one of these mostly dead experiences, leaves many people either scared and scarred for life, while others feel more alive than ever. What a mega dose of cannabis does to you is up to you, and your subconsciousness to decide.

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Elli Ho

Elli Ho MPH, a late-flowering cannabis convert, is dismantling the 420 stigma. As a researcher/nutritionist, mother and digital nomad, she explores the world, food and consciousness with humor, love and gratitude. See where in the world she is taking her next breath of fresh air @elliAloha or


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