Meet The Chef – Interview with The Stoner chef

Name: The Stoner Chef Canada / Danny Raposo
Location: Hamilton Ont, Canada
Instagram : @thestonerchefcanada
Twitter: @BigDs13
The Stoner Chef Danny Raposo

The Stoner Chef, Danny Raposo

How did you become a chef?

It’s in my #Blood. My father is a chef, and everyone in my family cooks. I started very young in the kitchen with my parents. I was always interested in food and how my dad made something. So I started to learn the ways of the kitchen when I was about 9 or 10 years old. From there I started working in a kitchen at the age of 16, I worked closely with many of the chefs at the Toronto Royal York Hotel and many other high end place in the G.T.A


How and when did you start infusing foods with THC?

Lol, it was about 8 or 9 years ago when I was having very bad pains from a earlier accident that I had when I was younger. A friend of mine gave me a cookie and told me to eat it and it would help with my pains. So not knowing anything about how much I could eat, I ate the whole cookie. Well let me tell you, I felt no PAIN… but also went right to sleep…. It was way to strong. 300 mg…. It was from there I started to work on getting my Mg dosages right so I took my pains away and still can function and work at the same time.


How would you classify your style of cooking?

Caveman Cooking style…..

Very different…. I try to use science in my #Infused Food…. I am not your sweets company either. We do REAL  FOOD, everyday FOOD and I just do add or drop Marijuana oils on my food. I try to work with my Munchalishus Medi Meals team to get the best results on infusing the food the best way.


What are your top 3 rules of the kitchen (with a brief description for each one as to why each rule is important)?

  1. Cleanliness….. This is always the first rule. No one wants to eat dirty food.

  2. Love your food….. This is a must, if you are not happy with what you are putting out, then neither will the customer.

  3. Have FUN…… Very important, cause nobody wants to work with a #Grump.


Any secrets of THC infusion you are willing to share?

Sure….. Always do your research on what type of Marijuana you are using and its benefits.


What’s the number one tip you give to people who eat your infused meals?

All my meals are made for that person, so they know that they are getting the dosage that they need. If it’s just a friend, and I know that he can handle it, then hold on and enjoy…. LOL….

What do you envision for infused meals as legalization increases, or becomes more lenient?

We are working hard at Munchalishus Medi Meals to be the leading edibles company in Canada once it is regulated.

Keep a look out for infused recipes by The Stoner Chef, Danny Raposo on!


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