Letter From Emerson – Love for The Micro-dose


Dear You,


Yes, you.


I have to tell you that I am pretty in love with the genius of low dosed edibles.  You have probably heard about them, right? “Micro-dose edibles” as many call them.


We have all had that edibles experience that we’ll never forget…but also can’t completely remember.  Or at least have a friend who has some crazy story about their experience with edibles.  It’s the story that makes a lot of people nervous to even dabble in the world of edibles.  But edibles are awesome.  I think so at least, just because I don’t love being instantly high.  I love that with edibles I can enjoy the ride on the way up.  And micro-doses make that experience even more manageable!


It’s all about finding your lowest effective dose, which is the lowest dose at which you feel some effects and benefits but don’t necessarily feel full on high.  Your micro-dose really varies based on your tolerance, I find mine is super micro, like 1-5milligrams of THC.  Basically a 5mg awakening mint by Dixie is perfection.


I find a micro-dose edible perfect for whenever I just want to take the edge off, chill, and maintain a light lifted feeling throughout the day.  I feel like it’s a discreet, manageable consumption method that is pleasant for me and everyone around me.  My friends who don’t consume get to experience the more relaxed and lifted version of me without even knowing that cannabis had anything to do with it lol.


Plus, micro-dose edibles taste delish.


What do you think?  What have you found?  Have you tried micro-dosing yet?  If you are someone who is worried about even touching an edible because of the crazy stories out there about over consumption, I think micro-dosing is the way to go.   As long as you have access to lab tested, clearly labeled, defined dosed products, that is.  Which I know isn’t YET the reality for everyone….but it will be.  Trust.   It will be.


Any way, I super look forward  to hearing your thoughts.  And…any suggestions and good micro-dose edibles I should try?!


All the highest,


Emerson Woods



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    […] When it comes down to which is the better of the two options, it will always be a personal preference. If smoking isn’t really your style, you can talk to your local budtenders about how to use edibles to microdose. Microdose edibles are becoming more and more available as legalization progresses, and they allow you to feel the comforting effects of cannabis without becoming completely elevated. Check out what our friend Emerson has to say about them here! […]

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