Arguably The Best-Named Strain in Denver: Medicine Man’s Jeff Sesh-On’s


Of all current American politicians on both sides of the aisle, few have made their opinions on cannabis legalization as obviously well-known as Attorney General and Human Keebler Elf Jeff Sessions. Quite almost the antithesis of legendary cannabis consumers like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, Sessions is a notorious prohibitionist in terms of cannabis and has said such wonderful and meme-able soundbytes like “Good people don’t smoke marijuana” and has infamously rescinded the Cole Memorandum, the Obama-era legislation that prevents federal prosecutors from filing charges against those with cannabis in legal states.


If the nationwide fight for federal legalization were a video game, Jeff Sessions would be the final boss. He’s the uptight villain in every 1950’s Southern greaser movie and his antiquated, deeply conservative viewpoints along with previous statements on race and the Ku Klux Klan have certainly caused issues given his position of power. For instance, Sessions stated that he didn’t mind the KKK until he found out they smoked marijuana.


While leading the Department of Justice to attempt to solve the opioid crisis, he always finds a way to blame cannabis, a plant that has literally killed zero people as opposed to the opioids themselves. To make matters worse, Sessions disregards factual medical evidence that cannabis can assist in getting off opioids and insists that medical marijuana isn’t a viable solution.


He’s nothing short of a threat to the booming multi-billion a year industry and flat-out refuses to believe the socioeconomic benefits of legalized cannabis. To anger him in a way that would aggravate only the man himself, the Denver dispensary chain Medicine Man is cultivating and selling a limited time only strain brilliantly named “Jeff Sesh-On’s”.


Director of Retail Operations Brad Roddy said that of three strains that recently grew particularly well, one was named Rocket Fuel, another one named Mustang Sally after the company’s president, and a third.


After growing about 45-50 pounds of the third strain, they discontinued the growth, partially to focus on different variety of strains instead of having multiple numbers of the same strain. With those pounds, they created a limited time strain named ironically after someone who so explicitly hates cannabis.


With naming strains after celebrities being a rarity in Medicine Man, the idea to name the strain Jeff Sesh-On’s was on a whim. But given the instability of the Trump administration, Roddy says there’s been a running joke regarding the strain around Medicine Man:


“Who’s gonna make it longer? Jeff Sessions as Attorney General or Jeff Sesh-On’s the strain?”


While no comment of acknowledgement has been given by Sessions himself about the strain, Roddy would openly welcome a comment from him.


When asked about whether he feels Sessions will be aggravated by the fact that his name is unofficially a weed strain and to what extent he’ll be enraged, Roddy hilariously responded in a way that shows both a great sense of humor in the cannabis industry, an understand of the laws and fearlessness in the face of a man who wants to dismantle the entire industry.


“I hope so, and I hope as much as possible.” Roddy said. “The guy’s the Attorney General. I’ll definitely make sure that we post the cease and desist letter if we get one. If I’m allowed to of course.”


Jeff Sesh-On’s, a hybrid, packs a 26% THC content and while it’s a limited-time only strain, Medicine Man’s Denver location is located only 20 minutes away from Denver International Airport. If you’re a cannabis tourist, then trying Jeff Sesh-On’s during its availability is a must.

As for future politician-named strains at Medicine Man, nothing is set in stone, but Roddy alluded to a few possibilities.


“Jared Kush-ner maybe.”





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  1. Bex Kaz 8 March, 2018 at 04:27 Reply

    Great story. I am a life long gardener and believer in the higher power. I do not know how a plant from G-d can be deemed illegal. Yet fermented juice from other plants kills people everyday and it is legal. I am not a user of cannabis, but am interested in the industry and how it helps people with so many medical issues.

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