Magnetic heat induction, Internet-of-Things (IOT), Lithium Ion battery technology – sounds like features you’d find in an electric car, but would you believe a cannabis pipe?! Where there’s a breakthrough in new technology today, it seems like there’s a start-up figuring out a way to integrate it into a pipe, whereby building a better mousetrap.

Before we peer into the future of cannabis consumption technologies, it’s worth flashing back to where it all started.  In fact, it was the Plains Indians who first carried peace pipes in a bag called a pipe bundle. They often decorated the pouches in ornate beads. The Native Americans considered cannabis to be a sacrament with magical properties.


From the early Native rituals to today’s Netflix & Chill, we’ve come a long way baby. Not so far that we’ve deterred at all from the core purpose of cannabis, the objective is still the same – a social ritual intended to bring a group of people closer to one another and more connected to the universe. And, with that, let’s all inhale and pass the dutchie clockwise please as we review…

3 of the coolest portable smoking devices on the market:

Summit® Strain Hunters™ Edition

A Vape fit for a hunter is how the Summit Hunters Edition is billed as. Good in extreme conditions from 0 to 176 F, the portable vape has a powerful 3300 MAH built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery and connects to an app via your Smartphone for precise control over temperature, session time and boost. Rubberized for easy-grip contouring, the Summit is splashproof, has dust protection, and even vibrates to signify readiness. The device is backed by a 2 year warranty and there’s even a customer service hot line in case you need a live geek to help walk you thru set-up.

Price: $179.99

PuffCo Peak Smart Rig

Fresh off a successful product launch at the CES conference, PuffCo’s Peak is part bong, part vape, and 100% like nothing you’ve tried before. The Smart Rig is designed to simplify the complexities of smoking concentrates. Whether it’s shatter, crumble, wax, or oil, the rig requires only 20 seconds to fully heat, faster and safer than other rigs requiring a blowtorch. The system has a sensor chip that automatically adjusts heat settings to deliver a consistent experience every time.puff peak smart rig + cannabis magazine

Price:  $ 379.99


In the works since 2014, Loto’s Lux employs magnetic induction technology to provide a consistent heating temperature, ensuring optimum vaping. The company had an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign and is finally taking online orders and shipping product within 4 to 6 weeks. The Silicon-Valley-based startup claims that induction heating is the cleanest, most efficient, precise and fastest method of heating a material. Extremely versatile, the system employs separate glass capsules for dry herb, liquid, and wax concentrates, so you’re covered no matter what you’re packing. And, to ensure the perfect hit, turn to Lux’s accompanying mobile app and adjust the temperature to your liking. Too bad you can’t automatically order an Uber via the device, because you’ll need it!

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