Here’s How Self-Service Kiosks Are Improving the Dispensary Experience


Here’s How Self-Service Kiosks Are Improving the Dispensary Experience

In today’s hyper-connected world, researchers have found that over 85% of Americans have a smartphone in their pocket. This powerful handheld device gives users the autonomy to seek answers rapidly at their own convenience. This idea of independence and self-reliance correlates with the success of traditional retail’s implementation of self-service options.

The Do-It-Yourself Generation

At no other point in time have we seen a generation that revels in their own autonomy when it comes to the world of retail. Technological advancements have paved the way for individuals to seek their own answers and to customize their wants and desires fully.

Millennials make up a significant portion of today’s consumers, and platforms such as YouTube, Google, and other social media outlets enable them with a vast amount of knowledge to make decisions in real-time.

It’s because of this comfort in always having an answer that the DIY generation can be easily unimpressed with antiquated in-store experiences. The internet is the realm they understand well because they can browse, minimize, research, and make decisions at their pace. In-store environments that don’t cater to consumers in the technology enhanced way they have grown accustomed to, are losing engagement and unexciting.

In order to increase performance in retail, brands will need to offer not only an experience, but the ability for consumers to receive the information they are looking for when they want it in an engaging way.

It’s for the reason that over 85% of retail brands deem customer experience as a top priority and see it to become the key differentiator over price and products.

How to Best Increase Performance For Your Cannabis Dispensary

With cannabis being a new and growing market, many are excited to try cannabis, but most are unfamiliar with the products or science behind it to know what they are looking for. This is why self-service kiosks have become a necessary component for a successful dispensary.

Self-service kiosks are the go-to method for empowering customers with knowledge, interactive entertainment and the ability to compare and contrast product choices. Research shows that 75% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they have a self-service solution that allows them to compare products. Today’s consumers don’t want to be forced to take one product and enabling them with multiple options suits their desire for a choice.

It’s estimated that 69% of customers are more likely to make in-store purchases if they have access to interactive displays. The reason why in-store purchases drastically jump up is that consumers are given what they desire: convenience, ease, trustworthy information; all at their own pace.

Cross-Promote Products, Increase Revenue

Another major benefit of an interactive solution is the ability to recommend products based on customer interests and behavior. Algorithms deliver suggested products based on collected data and recommend additional products that are more likely to be purchased.

Unlike traditional retail displays, cross-promoting through interactive digital displays are not limited by shelf-space or store placement. You no longer need to rely solely on displays near the check-out for those unintended last-minute purchases. Digital screens can recommend products through technology based suggestions ensuring that opportunities aren’t left on the table – especially for the cannabis connoisseur who enjoys experimenting with new consumption methods, products and strains.

Reduce Wait Times, Increase Efficiency

Wait times are the bane of any consumer. If a customer is stuck in line or in a waiting room, their overall experience plummets. Self-service kiosks offer a whole new experience to the consumer while they wait.

Rather than waiting and perpetuating their negative mood, digital touchscreen displays can allow them to browse and learn more about the store’s offerings. When consumers are educated, they won’t hesitate to make a purchase because of uncertainty. Instead, most see a 25% average order increase because they know exactly what it is that they’re buying.

Implementing self-service kiosks that shorten the buying process, not only empowers consumers, but it significantly reduces wait times by 50%. Lower wait times and streamlined orders make for an efficient business model. This is why global brands such as McDonald’s, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many more have implemented self-service solutions to capitalize on their benefits.

Introducing Seed to the Cannabis Industry

Seed is an in-store touch screen and cannabis education solution designed to help dispensaries’ educate their clients about their products while taking the burden off of staff members. Seed is assisting dispensaries around the country by focusing on personalizing and improving the customer experience for their diverse clientele.

With the world of retail focusing on personalized experiences, the cannabis industry needs to stay a step ahead by implementing state-of-the-art interactive displays and education solutions. Seed is here to help to turn the mundane into an exciting experience that will produce a loyal customer base.

Final Thoughts

We believe the integration of technology and cannabis is a beautiful marriage. With an ever changing industry growing at a tremendous rate, the more we can implement technology into the equation to educate and optimize the consumer experience, the greater the impact.

Companies like Seed are doing just that.



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