Hemp Oil that’s Fresh Squeezed? Cannabis Interview: Tim Gordon – Chief Science Officer at Functional Remedies


With a lot of talk on social and traditional media about CBD and hemp, you might be wondering what to believe and who to trust. We had the pleasure of talking with Tim Gordon of Functional Remedies recently, and he helped clear up some of the concern and terminology that’s been floating around.

Tim’s interview, with his unique take on these products and how Functional Remedies is approaching the market, is below. Check it out!

CM: With so many CBD products on the market, what makes Functional Remedies unique? Why do consumers choose your brand?

Tim: What makes Functional Remedies unique is our passion for optimal-only quality. From soil to body, we nurture our products from the Earth to you. From our hands in the soil to a gentle lipid infusion process to your hands with the most efficacious, pure, full-spectrum hemp oil created. Folks love Functional Remedies products because they’re better. We are the fresh squeezed orange juice of hemp oil while all others are from concentrate. 

CM: You have been in the cannabis and CBD industry for over 25 years. What originally sparked your interest in this space?  

Tim: I began growing cannabis in the 90s and quickly became a passionate student and advocate of the plant. I watched friends suffering from serious illnesses and desperately needed relief with the cannabis I was giving them. I would risk everything to help these people feel better. This is what still drives me each day.

For most of my life, I have had a personal goal to change the world with this plant. It started with me helping others, then others becoming believers and believers helping others. It’s a beautiful feeling to see this happening. While just a short time ago, I was deemed a criminal for growing cannabis and now I speak across the world on its benefits.

CM: The hemp oil you sell is “full-spectrum,” a term we hear a lot. What does that actually mean?

Tim: I like to break this down for simplicity: Full = complete. Which means having or holding as much as possible with no empty space. Spectrum = entire range of color or entire range of frequencies. So full spectrum means complete and entire.Most companies using traditional forms of extraction, like a CO2 or ethanol extraction, tout full spectrum products, but most are incorrect.

To truly have a full spectrum product, it should emulate the plant it came from. That’s why we use our patented whole-hemp LipidTrans™ process, which maximizes the natural benefits of the plant, by harnessing all its phytonutrients without the use of any contaminants, resulting in a more efficacious hemp oil. We capture everything — like that fresh squeezed orange juice reference earlier.

CM: There are a lot of claims being made about hemp and CBD, and it seems like the FDA is cracking down on this. What concerns do you have on this topic? Will it affect your business?

Tim: I have no concerns for Functional Remedies. We don’t make claims, and while our products contain CBD, we are not a CBD company, we are a full-spectrum hemp oil company. I don’t see the recent happenings with the FDA affecting our business in any negative way. I see more folks coming to Functional Remedies because of our distinctive products that are already held to FDA standards, being GMP compliant, and our NSF audit has been completed with the certification pending. We recently became the first hemp company to earn three GMP certifications (food, cosmetic, and dietary supplements).

CM: What does the future hold for Functional Remedies and for Tim Gordon?

Tim: For Functional Remedies, we are going to keep changing the world with this plant. Our mission says it all: Bringing lives into balance with the most efficacious hemp-based products on Earth. For Tim Gordon, you can see me at sunrise walking out in the morning dew through the cannabis fields and visit me at sunset as we heal the world with this plant.


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