From the Legendary Mendocino County – Meet Jamie Warm Co-Founder of Henry’s Original


Jamie Warm is the CEO and Co-Founder of Henry’s Original. Despite the young age of the legal industry, Jamie has only had one career: growing cannabis. At Henry’s Original, his responsibilities include setting the overall strategic vision of the company, driving retail penetration and nurturing the financial health of the company.

Jamie started his career working at one of Santa Barbara’s first dispensaries while attending college at UCSB. Over two years he learned the process of cultivation, before opening and running his own dispensary. In 2007, Jamie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from University of California Santa Barbara.

After college, Jamie sold his dispensary and used every dollar he had to buy a cannabis farm in Laytonville, California, located in the heart of Mendocino County, the wild, rugged heartland synonymous with the new cannabis green rush. That farm set down the roots of what today is known as Henry’s Original, one of the largest flower companies in California.

Jamie Warm – CEO & Co-Founder of Henry’s Originals

Henry’s Original is a craft cannabis brand started by local farmers in Laytonville, CA, providing sun-grown, Clean Green-certified cannabis throughout California.

Handcrafted in small batches, Henry’s Original whole flower jars and pre-roll products have been known to deliver the finest cannabis grown from family-run farms in legendary Mendocino County, which is also renowned for terroir that produces some of the world’s best cultivation conditions.

As the largest license holder and employer in Northern Mendocino County, every Henry’s Original purchase supports California farming communities. 

We sat down with Jaime to learn a bit more about Henry’s Originals and here’s what he had to say…

[Q.] It’s interesting that you’ve only worked in the cannabis industry over your entire career. Tell us about your history and experience spanning the illegal to legal markets?

[A.] That’s correct, I’ve actually never professionally earned a dollar outside of the cannabis industry. I was introduced to cannabis in high school and found, as an athlete, that it provided a grounding experience for an exhausted and overworked mind and body.

I started my career working at Santa Barbara’s first dispensary while attending college at UCSB. During college, I opened my own dispensary. Upon graduation I sold it to buy a cannabis farm in Laytonville, California, in the heart of Mendocino County and the new cannabis green rush.

Ultimately, this leap is what drove me down the path of creating Henry’s Original alongside my co-founder, Joshua Keats. We are now one of the largest flower companies in California and the #2 best-selling pre-roll in the state

[Q.] What are Henry’s most popular products and strains?

[A.] In THC, our most popular strain is Blue Dream. For CBD, Ritual is one of our most popular strains, it’s a fantastic CBD varietal that has complex aromas and is just as intriguing and enjoyable as any THC dominant varietal. Our classic Spyrock OG is always a top-seller, plus Blackberry Sour, Snow Cap, and Lemon Jack are very popular.

[Q.] Your brand has a strong focus on Mendocino County which is legendary in the industry. Why is that so important to your identity?

[A.] Mendocino County is the birthplace of American cannabis. From the terroir that is inherent in the soil, water and climate – there’s no other cannabis like Mendocino County cannabis.

The region has been producing for over 60 years and we’ve witnessed and been a part of its transition from the grey market to the legal market. We’re proud of that history and carry that legacy on through our brand and our quality product.

[Q.] You also mention every purchase supports California farmers, can you tell us more about that?

[A.] Henry’s Original is the largest cannabis company sourcing 100% of its flower from Mendocino County, and we are wholeheartedly dedicated to that.

We’ve been a part of this community for over a decade and do everything we can to support the cultivation community. We partner with small farms to lower the upfront costs of cannabis cultivation by providing high quality clones, and then purchase their flower back at the end of harvest, taking it through the production process to bring it to market.

We have a deep rooted passion for helping Mendocino County transition to the legal market without losing its identity.

[Q.] That’s awesome! What’s next for Henry’s Original?

[A.] We’ll continue to deliver the best sun grown cannabis products to the market in a range of new strains and new product categories. We’ve also just launched an exciting collaboration with Omura, a new heat-not-burn vaporizing system, as their whole flower partner provider!

Thanks for speaking with Cannabis Magazine Jaime!

Thanks for having me!



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