Cooking cannabis is a great way to get the most out of the plant without having to breathe any smoke.

Marijuana is a high-fat food. So far, more than 100 different terpenes have been identified which give unique properties to each strain. No wonder chefs from all over the world have created personalized menus that feature herbal products and weed firecrackers in their signature dishes with a variety of flavors. For these chefs, cannabis is the featured ingredient in their cooking.

If you are new to marijuana, cooking with herbal products may feel daunting at first, but it is actually much easier than you think.

What could you make at home using weeds (Different types of edibles)

Edibles are available in all shapes and sizes, from delicious chocolate to weed firecrackers. Foods can also differ in content – some are packed with THC, while you can also get pure CBD medical food that won’t spur you.

Here are some types of food available at the stores:







Weed firecrackers

Drinks and more.

Weed Firecrackers

With Weed firecrackers, you can make cannabis edible in less than an hour with just a few ingredients. The main advantage of fireworks is that it’s easy and fast to make a strong weed firecracker to eat.

Cannabis Gummies

Of the many types of food available on the market today, weed firecrackers and gummies are probably the most popular. They can be offered in various forms – from normal gummy bears to acid worms, all of which take on the taste and aroma of popular baby candy. Not only does it taste good, but you can also get great poisoning for recreational or medical purposes.

One of the main benefits of THC gum is that it is very easy to control your dose. Edible gum is usually divided into small portions of 10-20 mg THC per gum.

 If you want to try the effect without going too far, you only need 10 milligrams of candy. If you want a stronger peak, you can take two or three instead.

There are many choices of Mom’s Manic tires in various shapes and flavors.

Chocolate Marijuana

If you prefer something other than chewing gum, you will also find many types of cannabis chocolate. They come in the form of delicious chocolate and THC fortified foods. You can get all kinds of flavors from ordinary milk chocolate to mint chocolate bars.

Chocolate bars also make it relatively easy to get the desired THC dose. You can divide it into boxes, each with the same THC dose. If you want a lighter effect, you can cut it into small pieces and make their microstructure.

Baked Edibles

You can also get cannabis that can be eaten in the form of your favorite cake and weed firecrackers biscuit . For example, you might know the classic pasta and cannabis biscuits, but you can also get unique baked cannabis snacks. This edible variety uses cannabis oil to give you an extraordinarily high taste.

Edible products usually contain a lot of THC. Therefore you must separate them before eating. For example, if you receive a brownie with 50 mg THC, you might want to divide it into four boxes to get a manageable dose.

CBD food

THC food is not the only type of food that you can enjoy. Or, if you want to enjoy tasty weed firecrackers without getting too intense, choose CBD Edibles. CBD food is not psychoactive, which means it does not cause an increase or an intoxicating effect. However, they are ideal for medical users.

CBD Edibles can help with all kinds of medical symptoms, including pain, stress, anxiety, depression, cramps, muscle cramps, migraines, and more. Usually you will get some good relief effect with a dose of 25 mg, although you will not feel anything from THC.

Main Tips for Preparing Edibles

1. Decarboxylate the Cannabis at 340 ° F

Because your digestive system cannot decontaminate cannabis (needed to release THC into the bloodstream), you must do it externally. All you have to do is heat the weeds up to 300 ˚F to decarbox the herbs. Remember that weed’s boiling point (THC) is 314F. Do not heat it above this temperature.

2. Use strains of high quality

Marijuana strains from Indica contain higher concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol), which have a therapeutic effect. On the other hand, cannabis sativa strains have a higher THC percentage – the most important psychoactive compound that gives you a high level of value. Whatever variation you choose to prepare food, make sure the quality is the best.

3. Proportion is important

It’s important to use the right amount of cannabis. That is, if you use an unusually high amount, you can cool the harmful effects for days. On the other hand, if you mix a very small amount, you might not have ink to consume cannabis.

In most US states, 10 mg of THC is the standard intake of cannabis.

4. Always clean weeds before use

Make sure you use clean cannabis that does not contain impurities. The use of low quality weeds not only tastes terrible, but can also endanger your health.

5. It’s better to use a hand mill as a food processor

Using a hand grinder gives you complete control over the process of grounding the herb. With a meat grinder or food processor, it is always possible to overdo it (spraying), which can damage the aroma.

6. Mix well

By stirring the mixture (cannabis) during preparation, THC is evenly distributed throughout the food.

How much weed do you need for edibles?

Although the strength of cannabis varies, it can be estimated that the average starch is around 10 percent THC.

According to The Cannabist, “Every 1 gram of cannabis buds has a dry weight of 1000 mg. If the species has about 10 percent THC, 10 percent of 1,000 mg will be 100 mg. Therefore, it can be assumed that one gram of cannabis contains at least 100 mg of THC for cooked or baked at home.”

Tips for consuming edibles

If you are wondering how much weed firecrackers to eat, the answer ultimately depends on experience. The dosage for daily smokers with high tolerance is very different from the dose for a beginner.

It is important to know that weight and genes influence the way your body processes edibles and their THC content.

Edibles take a little while to kick in but once they do, they usually last for a good length of time.


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