DOs & DO NOTs of Cannabis in Vegas


It is weekend number two of recreational cannabis sales in Las Vegas.  An exciting time! So, what exactly are the rules?  What can you do?  What are you still not allowed to?  Here are a few simple do’s and do nots of Las Vegas cannabis use so you can prepare for your Sin City weekend vibes. 


DO: Bring your ID card with you. As with most things in Vegas there is an age requirement.  You must be 21 years of age or older to make a purchase at a cannabis dispensary.

DO NOT: Make a purchase for an individual under the age of 21.  We get it, cannabis is good times and good vibes …but we don’t want to get a bad rap as an industry by breaking the rules right off the bat.  Keep the consumption to 21+ year olds.


DO: Purchase cannabis from a Las Vegas dispensary

YES!  Recreational sales are legal now so you can walk in to your Las Vegas dispensary of choice and see what they have in store!

DO NOT: Consume your cannabis product the second you step outside of the shop (or inside the shop)! You must be at least 1,000 feet away from a cannabis dispensary to actually consume cannabis.


DO: Be patient with your awesome bud tender.  This is a busy and exciting time and they are dealing with lots of people.  

DO NOT: Be pushy or impatient.  The recreational sales just started a week ago and the market and its employees are still adjusting to the sizable crowds. There will likely be a wait.  Be cool. 


DO: Consume at home or in another private area, like a friend’s house.

DO NOT: Consume while walking down Las Vegas Blvd., or while in your car, or in your hotel room (many hotels aren’t too fond of cannabis consumption in their rooms and may impose a fine.)  There are people working on this little debacle of where Vegas tourists may legally consume their cannabis. it is still illegal to consume in public spaces.  Lighting up a joint and walking down the street may seem


DO: Consume responsibly and enjoyably during your stay in the city!

DO NOT: Take your Vegas cannabis purchase home to show your friends (if you live in another state).  It is still illegal to cross state lines with cannabis (yes, even if you are going to a state that also has legalized cannabis use).


Find your Vegas dispensary here!


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