Dank Mimosas – A CannaBrunch Experience


When you get invited to your first cannabrunch (cannabis brunch), you don’t really know what to expect.  I sure didn’t know what I was in for when a long time best friend of mine insisted that I join her at cannabrunch with a group of cannabis industry women.  She swore I would have an amazing time and that was a huge understatement.  I had no idea what the cannabis industry was really all about, and now I have seen behind the curtain and it’s awesome.


It was beyond what I could have imagined and I absolutely have to share the experience with you.


As I stepped into one of the most beautiful homes I personally have ever been in, I was greeted by the pair of gracious owners who were beyond happy to use their home as the setting for this event.  They were the sweetest couple, and made sure to introduce themselves immediately, ensuring I felt welcome in their home.  The second I set my things down I was met by the host of this experience.  She was bubbly, full of light and joy and genuinely excited to have me there.  Minutes into meeting her she began telling me a little bit about herself and how this event came into play.  A few years back, she was in a horrible car accident that left her with many broken bones throughout her body.  The accident was so traumatic that it greatly effected her movability in her everyday life, making routine much more stressful.  Healing takes time, and when thinking about her healing process and weighing her options she decided that she was going to use cannabis and cannabis only; regardless of any social stigmas.  Since her recovery, she thanks cannabis for helping her heal and get her life back on track after the accident.  She is a firm believer that cannabis has limitless potential, it is the present and future and women are the driving force behind it; and hey I can’t argue with that statement!


With such strong passion fueling this event, and a little help from her friends, she orchestrated the third women’s cannabrunch and I am very thankful to have been a part of it.


Dixie Elixirs + Gruet = Dank Mimosa

Dixie Elixirs + Gruet


After she told me her story, I asked her if there was anything I could help her with.  She looked at me with the biggest smile and said, “yes! I NEED you to start drinking one of these.”  I looked down as she had already begun making a concoction, we both laughed.  What she handed me was a THC infused berry lemonade mimosa.  Yup, that is most definitely what I said, I’ll say it again, a THC infused berry lemonade mimosa.  Let me be the first to say, that drink was beyond delicious!  I believe the word that we all agreed on that accurately described these mimosas was ‘dank.’ And just in case I need to Urban Dictionary this for some of you, the translation would be, ‘these mimosas were supreme and of the utmost highest quality.’

This term “dank mimosa” stayed an inside joke for the rest of party which made for a great laugh all day!


Once I had my infused mimosa in hand and I was off to my next station.  Yes, this brunch had stations. It felt like field day in elementary school and boy was I excited!  I headed towards the hair braiding station which was so cleverly named Budz-and-Braids.


Now, a little bit about these stations, each one was headed by a woman.  The idea behind this brunch is to connect and empower women in the cannabis industry because they are the future, the backbone element behind this industry, and that was demonstrated incredibly well at this brunch.  And what a great networking tool for everyone attending!


At Budz-and-Braids I met the most talented stylist, with long bright green hair and a big welcoming smile.  As she’s braiding my hair she’s telling me about her amazing wedding at Burning Man and how she didn’t even know half the people in attendance but was so thankful for the energy that surrounded her that day.  Nothing else mattered because everyone was just so full of happiness and positive vibes. Where do the ‘Budz’ come in to play with these braids? To add to her ‘coolness’ she also provides a service that is 420 friendly, offering discounts specifically for the cause, dope!  Upping the cool factor of the Budz and Braidz station further, was the generous offering of Blue Birds pre-rolls by Deep Roots Harvest displayed on the table top. The strains of the day were Lil Sebastian and Grape Stomper.

blue birds pre-rolls by deep roots harvest at canna brunch

There I was having the brunch-time of my life, sharing stories with awesome women at a beautiful home on a gorgeous day, sipping my infused mimosa, hair getting braided into an art piece.  Just when I would have said nothing could make the day any better, a puppy walks by!


I am sitting getting my hair braided, sipping on an infused mimosa, AND holding a little fluffy puppy—tell me that isn’t what heaven looks like!


With my hair braided, I venture down to the next station which is Henna, now we are talking!  The Henna station is a mother and daughter affair, the daughter is the one applying the henna.  She is and has been doing it since she was six years old!  She is quick and precise, it’s an incredible thing to watch because every design she applies she makes up on the spot.  As I wait for my turn at the henna station I meander over to the brunch table, because obviously you cannot have a cannabrunch without an amazing spread.  There is the full buffet here; we have meats, cheeses, berries, muffins and all the snacks one’s heart could desire.  Naturally, I stuff my face with all this deliciousness.


While munching on my brunch I realize there is a Reiki station up stairs.  A quick background on Reiki; it is an energy practice that helps heal the body by getting rid of bad energy, replacing it with positive energy, light and opening chakras.  Powerful stuff!  Many people have life changing and powerful experiences with Reiki, and go figure, the Reiki master was a woman as well, awesome!  I headed upstairs and entered her realm of Reiki.  To really understand reiki you have to experience it yourself but I will say that it was uplifting, energizing and purifying.  A perfect addition to this Sunday cannabrunch.


Reiki at cannabrunch

Photo Via | DOPE

This brunch was outstanding, not only because it brought women together for the same purpose, but it shed light onto a personal healing story that was only possible because of cannabis.  The way these companies are trying to innovate by bringing cannabis into your daily life is incredible.  And it’s not pushy.  It’s like, if you want to see what cannabis is all about, or if you already enjoy cannabis, here are some approachable and enjoyable ways to experience the products.


I mean, I had an infused berry mimosa for heavens’ sake! A dank mimosa!


There was also a raffle to end this lovely brunch that contained some very useful products; THC infused chocolate bars by Dixie Elixirs, THC infused synergy relief balm and THC infused bath soak again, both by Dixie Elixirs.  It is truly amazing watching how this particular industry has been able to expand and grow.


Behind the scenes, the creativity, hard work and thoughtfulness I saw put into the brunch and its products was unbelievable. This industry is so much more than the public gets to see. 


I feel everyone involved in the cannabis industry is right to be proud of their work and their passion is both inspiring and contagious.  The future of the cannabis industry is very bright and these women are determined to lead the charge and make it known.  Coming at you in full force, until the fourth cannabrunch!


budz and braids at cannabrunch


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