3 Cheers to Hemp Infused Wines and Beer


Hemp and CBD infused beverages are poppin’ off these days. The CBD/hemp infused alcoholic beverage (and dealcoholized beverage) is a hot topic product in the cannabis industry that many companies are interested in developing, yet few have ventured into so far, for various restrictive reasons.  There were a few companies which bravely took the hit by blazing the hemp/CBD infused alcoholic beverage trail for the rest of them, which now are either out of commission while pending licensing or off the shelves for good. 

As it stands today in March of 2018, there are some delectable hemp/cbd infused wines and beer available at a few key spots around the U.S., three of which are listed for you below.  


Sovereign Vines

New York

The concept of infusing flavorful hemp notes to wine originated with Jim in 1997 with his company Hemp Wine America. After enjoying breakout success, the federal government moved to shut him down due to lack of understanding about non-psychoactive hemp products. 

During the summer of 2015, Kaelan Castetter, the originator’s son, began exploring the viability and legality of again bringing this unique product to market. After nearly two years of exploration and carefully working within all state and federal hemp regulations, Sovereign Vines was launched as America’s Only Hemp Infused Wine. 

Now, the father-son duo works with some of the nation’s highest quality, all-natural, hemp extract to bring their hallmark smooth and earthy flavor to high quality wines. 

Hemp infused wine Sovereign Vines New York Cannabis Magazine



TVM Wines


Ron and Cindy Mittelstedt are the founders of TVM Wines and it’s sister winery Sweet Springs Winery. The Mittelstedts have been growing grapes for nearly 10 years and have been producing wine for the last 5 years.

In 2015 Ron was approached with the concept of creating a hemp infused wine, not sure if he wanted to go that route, he started researching hemp products. TVM then partnered with Top Shelf Blends to create our hemp infused wine cocktails. 

December 1, 2017 after nearly 2 years, TVM Wines received formulation approval on their hemp wine from the TTB (Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco) and then a short time later received label approval. Since then the family has been working diligently to bring the wine to a store near you.

Hemp infused wine TVM wines Texas Cannabis Magazine




Two Flowers by Coalition Brewing


Coalition Brewing released Two Flowers the first commercially produced Cannobidoil (CBD) infused beer in Oregon. Their mission with this CBD beer series was to encompass a true collaboration of these “kissing cousins”, hops and hemp. These two plants produce similar organic aromatic compounds known as terpenes, and will have no THC present, the psychoactive element found in marijuana. Coalition Brewing has been working with leaders in the cannabis industry in Oregon on this project to showcase a harmony of both the beer profile of the Pacific NW and the Cannabis plant.

Hemp Infused Beer Two Flowers by Coalition Brewing Cannabis Magazine


Any of your favorites we didn’t mention?  Let us know in the comments below!  Should you get the chance to try any of these products, comment below about your experience!


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