CBD. The Healing Without The High



Cannabidiol (CBD)

The Healing Without The High


For those of you who are on the fence about cannabis products, you may be thinking, “Cannabis without the high?  HOW?!”  For those of you who love cannabis products you may be thinking “Cannabis without the high?  WHY?”  Well…these products are made from a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, so that’s HOW.  And these product are good for people who aren’t in love with feeling high, or for people who need some relief but also need to stay mentally clear and maybe have a hard time doing so when consuming THC, that’s WHY.


Let’s discuss….


Cannabis is a product with medicinal benefits and healing properties.  This is not simply a theory. This is not a way for “pot-heads” to trick the system into allowing them to legally consume cannabis products. This is fact.  For those of you still on the fence about cannabis, I ask you to keep an open mind for the rest of this article.  If you do that for me, you may walk away with a new mindset and understanding of some of the healing properties of cannabis.


Tetrahydrocannabinol, referred to as THC, is the psychoactive component in cannabis which people are
most familiar with.  THC is only one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.  Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is emerging as the second most well know cannabinoid.  CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which can be derived from industrial hemp or cannabis flowers.   CBD comes with a long list of healing properties which I think just about anyone can benefit from, yourself and your dog included (for all you dog lovers out there).

CBD for pets


Because it is considered a dietary supplement and not a medication, CBD derived from industrial hemp is legal in all 50 states and Canada. (healthyhempoil.com)


Since Cannabis is still in a legal grey area, much of the research is yet to be deemed conclusive, but it is definitely promising. Cannabidiol has been shown in many cases to reduce inflammation, suppress seizure activity, provide pain relief, relieve anxiety and the list goes on (British Journal of Pharmacology, 2013).  In it’s most natural form in cannabis flower it is found with varying amounts of THC, but you can consume CBD as an isolate as well.   If smoking is not your style, no need to worry, CBD comes in all kinds of useful forms: pills, lotions, patches, edibles, tinctures, lozenges, vape pens and more. 


I have recommended CBD products to my mom for her carpel tunnel, to my dad with diverticulitis, to veterans with PTSD, to women during their visit from Aunt Flo, to hyper puppies, and to my young entrepreneurial friends who just need to calm the heck down. 


I am not the only believer!


The health and wellness community is starting to appreciate and embrace CBD, integrating it into their daily practice.  My good friend Angie Lee is a brilliant health coach and co-founder of Wellpreneur Business Academy, and she has recently started exploring the benefits of CBD, consuming it herself, and sharing it with her clients nationwide.


“The human body produces natural chemicals called cannabinoids which interact with receptors within the body to regulate body functions.  Given that we already have cannabinoids in our body and receptors for them, this is likely why people claim to have such good results when using CBD. While this is a very limited portrayal of the method by which CBD acts upon the neurotransmitters within the human body, it serves to show we now know where the action occurs.”                                                

– DiscoverCBD


“To the surprise of many, even as a cannabis industry expert and professional, I much prefer the non-psychoactive CBD products over the traditional THC products.  You might gasp at the number of smoke sessions I have been at where I was zero puff, and all pass.” 


While I am in full support of cannabis products of all kinds and the right to consume said products, I personally do not love being “high” but I do LOVE CBD. I love the way it makes me feel.  It does still have a higher minded, lifted feeling which I can best describe it as “zen.”   My mood lightens and I feel less stressed, but I do not experience that fuzzy feeling of being high.  I get it though I know tons of people who operate clearly and even better when high, I am simply not one of those people.  Brains work differently.  I’m just glad that even though I have a brain that doesn’t react favorably to THC products, that the amazing cannabis plant still has CBD and all of it’s health benefits to offer someone like me. 


My current favorite product is the 400mg CBD vape cartridge by Pure Ratios.


If you are suffering from a severe ailment I strongly suggest that you consider adding CBD to your existing health care regimen after speaking with your doctor.  For the rest of you, I suggest you give it a go during your meditation, yoga session, workout, time of the month, when you have a headache, during a bad mood,  or after a long day of work. 



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  1. Millie Hue 29 March, 2019 at 00:55 Reply

    I like that you pointed out that CBD has helped you feel relaxed and have better moods. With that in mind, I might take lozenges with CBD because of that to feel that same way too. It would be perfect since I also have an itchy throat due to the changing weather which might have triggered my cough.

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