How Cannabis Can Make Your Business Better


If you take what you love doing and integrate  cannabis angle, you can be successful.  Did you know that many cannabis businesses did just that?  Some founders get together and realize that if they enter their specialty market as a mainstream company, they will face insurmountable competition, but if they startup in the cannabis industry, they may have a chance to make some real headway.

Think of the lawyers, who are now “cannabis lawyers”, marketing firms which are now “cannabis marketing firms”, or accountants who are now “cannabis accountants.”  You see the trend here?  Add the cannabis niche to any profession, and suddenly it goes from a general service, to a key necessity for any cannabis business.

Some companies are simply taking what they already do, and adding a cannabis branch to their service offerings.  “We have companies approach us all the time who are trying to grow their existing company by adding a cannabis industry focused branch to it.  Whether it be staffing services, payroll services, or sales lead generators.  They already do a thing, and want us to let our cannabis business clients know that they could do that things for them, too,” said Taylor Hernandez.  If you have an established business or core competency, this may the way for you to take what you have, and grow it faster.

How do you make your business better with cannabis?

The truth is that there are a lot of cannabis businesses out there, all established for 10 years or fewer (mostly fewer).  All of these businesses are vying for cannabis industry leadership, and they have so much to keep up with, that quality help is a huge value add.  The key here is quality.  There is an insane amount of companies rushing in to assist cannabis businesses that just about all cannabis businesses have had traumatic experiences with companies or sole proprietors who promise the moon and deliver dust.

If you already have a business, are really good at what you do, are looking to grow, and are willing to do some upfront research in order to understand all of the regulations and restrictions that cannabis businesses face, then your service could be a huge value to the cannabis industry and its many startup companies.  If you can take what you are good at and use it to help cannabis industry clients get what they want (they want to win in this high speed gamble), then you too could strike green gold.

Steps for Success

  1. Do your research about the regulatory restrictions of operating a cannabis business.
  2. Develop your services to assist cannabis businesses in your core competency, while maintaining compliance with all regulations.
  3. Start marketing to your core competency to the cannabis niche.
  4. Under promise and over deliver.

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