Cannabis Quick Take: What is THCA?


Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, also known as THCA. THCA is still in the beginning stages of research, but it has been shown to have therapeutic properties. THCA, while it sounds like THC, it is not the same thing. At least not at first, THCA is an excellent way to describe THC in its infancy stages. If a cannabis plant were to dry out, be heated, smoked, or vaped, then it would no longer be THCA; it would be THC.

THCA is the non-intoxicating form of THC. THCA is ideally used for medical benefits that do not need or want the intoxicating properties interlaced.  

What Are Some Benefits of THCA?

Since THCA is in the baby stages of research and testing, it is not possible to state any of its potential benefits as an inevitable fact. Yet, here are some of the potential benefits that are beginning to pep on the horizon.

Anti-emetic – THCA is showing signs of the ability to treat lack of appetite and nausea.

Anti-inflammatory – THCA has shown strides in being able to relieve lupus and arthritis pain.

Anti-proliferative – THCA has shown slight promise in prostate cancer studies.

Neuroprotective – THCA is being tested for its ability to treat different types of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Insomnia – THCA has proven to be a beneficial sleep aid.

Antispasmodic – THCA is being tested for the ability to relieve muscle spasms, even those that occur during seizure episodes.

The most significant potential benefit to mention is neuroprotective. If researchers can prove, THCA can help treat neurodegenerative diseases; it would take the medical industry into a whole new realm of possibilities.

How Can One Obtain THCA?

If the possibilities of THCA intrigue you, then it is worth trying. THCA is the raw form of cannabis. THC is formed after the cannabis plant is exposed to heat in a process called decarboxylate. If you want to obtain TCHA, find a store that sells cannabis in its natural, raw, unheated, fresh form.

Often, raw cannabis will be ingested by juicing, combining it into a smoothy, or other cold edible type ingestion.

What is THCA? – Conclusion

Suppose you or a loved one suffers from muscle aches, spasms, Alzheimer’s, seizures, insomnia, arthritis, lupus, appetite loss, or nausea. In that case, it may be time to consider a more natural alternative to current modern medicine.

Imagine blending yourself a cannabis smoothy packed with THCA before bedtime. Lying down and being able to sleep without your mind racing for hours on end. Then after a good night’s rest, you wake up feeling not only rejuvenated but experiencing fewer aches and pains all over your body. Think about what that could do for your everyday life. It could improve your productivity, family life and overall improve every experience for you. The worst that could happen is you give it a shot, and it doesn’t work for you. That is okay; just like everything else, trial and error are necessary.


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