Cannabis Quick Take: What is RSO?


In 2003 a Canadian, Marijuana activist named Rick Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. Rick had prior experience using cannabis for medical conditions. Rick wanted to make a product that he could apply to the cancerous spots on his skin. That is how the idea for what is now known as RSO came to fruition. He created RSO, applied it to his skin, and then his painful scabs began to clear up. Simpson says that doctors refused to acknowledge cannabis’s benefits in his recovery.

RSO is a concentrated cannabis oil that has high levels of THC. The high levels of THC aid in the therapeutic potential of RSO. The consistency of RSO has a syrupy consistency. It can be applied topically or ingested in foods or by itself.

How is RSO Made?

RSO is easy to make. Cannabis extracts are washed in an alcohol-based solvent creating the RSO. The boiled solvent leaves behind oil, the RSO. The creator of RSO, Rick Simpson, encourages consumers to make their own RSO at home. The best way to store RSO is in a distillate syringe. This storage method makes for easy dosing and long shelf life.

RSO is also available at most cannabis dispensaries.

Can You Smoke RSO?

RSO has been smoked before but, Rick Simpson did not mean for that to happen when he created it. The creator himself applied it topically to the spots on his skin from his cancer. Smoking RSO can have potentially dangerous effects. The process to make RSO includes alcohol-based solvents and, depending on the solvent used, lighting up near it can be a bad idea.

Applying RSO directly to your skin will not offer any psychoactive effects. You will feel the psychoactive effects when you consume it orally. It just might take longer. For the fastest-acting results, you will want to consume the RSO sublingually. Sublingually means placing the oil under your tongue. 

How Much RSO Should You Consume?

When Rick Simpson invented RSO, he had a plan. He planned to increase the dose of the RSO over ninety days. During the first week, Rick Simpson says you should take three small portions daily. The size of these doses should be approximately the size of half a grain of rice. After the first week, Rick says to double the amount every four days. By week five, the dose is one gram a day until the maximum amount of sixty grams is reached.

Once the ninety-day regimen is over, that does not mean the end of the relationship with RSO. Rick Simpson just recommends reducing the overall dose by cutting back a gram or two per month.

What is RSO? – Conclusion

RSO is stronger than distillate. RSO is made with Indica heavy strains that have high THC counts. The high THC counts make this an excellent product for helping with medical ailments such as chronic pain and sleep disorders. RSO is stronger than distillate.


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  1. Mick 11 January, 2022 at 12:41 Reply

    I have no idea why RSO is still illegal in Poland. We’ve legalized medical marihuana and you can get It in a pharmacy if you have a prescription but you cannot make a THC oil on your own. I hope things will change someday. Nice read though!

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