Cannabis Quick take: What are THC Diamonds?

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Diving into the world of cannabis will quickly slap you with the reality that cannabis comes in many different shapes and sizes. Laws across the country and public opinion on cannabis have been slowly changing since the turn of the century. With those changes comes the opportunity to look further into the different types. Discovering cannabis, the benefits can provide and what has been coming up is nothing less than remarkable. One of the newest forms of the many cannabis variates is THC diamonds.

THC Diamonds or THC Crystalline

THC Diamonds

A rare, unknown form of cannabis is THC diamonds. THC diamonds are commonly referred to as THC crystalline. It is known as not only a form of cannabis but one of the purest forms. In the raw form, you first encounter THC-A, an inactive cannabinoid making it useless on its own. To get to the THC, the THC-A must be converted into TCH diamonds using high temperatures. They come in different sizes ranging from a grain of rice to being as large as a diamond. Ironically to get to the THC-A, you must take a live resin from a plant using cold extraction and pressure.

What To Expect with THC Diamonds?

The best way to get the best feel from a THC diamond is to smoke it using a vape or dabbing them, essentially methods that involve heating it to 350 degrees. Doing so ensures THC is sufficiently activated. The result will be a feeling unrelated to a typical weed plant. THC diamonds are around 4 times higher in potency than a typical plant. Approach this type of smoking with caution and be prepared for what will undoubtedly be hitting you afterward. It’s recommended that people new to the cannabis world don’t dive into THC diamonds initially. THC diamonds are more for experienced consumers looking to heighten their experiences as they may have grown a tolerance for other forms of cannabis.

With this still being a relatively new form of cannabis, it is still really hard to get to for the average person. However, as more research is being performed and cannabis laws are changing, it can only be seen as a matter of time before THC diamond is on the market for mass consumption.

What are THC Diamonds? Conclusion

As for now, though, a few sporadic stores here and there and online markets may have them, but only in limited supply. You have to imagine that something with that much potency and ability to lead to that much of an intense experience will cause it to either fly off the shelves quickly or cause hesitance.

If you decide trying THC diamonds is the right move for you, do so in a comfortable, calming environment until you know its effects on your body. Never put yourself or anyone else in a potential situation of harm; being smart about all aspects of cannabis is the best way to help fast-track it to being legalized everywhere.


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