Cannabis Interview with Philip Bromley – CEO of Virun Nutra Biosciences (Nuriv)


In our continuing quest to bring you the latest on cutting-edge products and research, we recently had a chance to catch up with Philip Bromley. Philip is the CEO of a company that produces Nuriv – a full-spectrum hemp product that boasts higher oral bioavailability, thanks to their patented process. His passion for producing the best CBD products is clear. Take a minute to look at our interview below and ask your questions in the comments!

Nuriv CBD Products

CM: On the Nuriv site, it says that Nuriv is a CBD product that is not like anything imaginable. How is that so? What makes Nuriv different?

Bromley: Nuriv has licensed over 100 patents and patents pending, world-wide – technologies from the Biotechnology company, Virun. This IP portfolio is very broad and covers a much-needed demand in the CBD and THC industries. Unlike other companies in the industry, Nuriv offers a full scale, product development to finished product capability. Everything is developed and manufactured under one roof.

Nuriv focuses on a niche market. Our goal is not to own significant commodity market share, such as soft gels and tinctures, which run rampant. Our goal is to diversify and supply products that are atypical. For example, our CBD Nuriv coffee creamers and smoothies. CBD and THC can be difficult to work with. Naturally derived Cannabinoids can be very bitter and do not dissolve in water.

Nuriv utilizes a patented emulsification branded as Esolv®. Esolv is a natural emulsifier derived from sunflower and made of D Alpha Tocopherol, or Vitamin E. Nuriv uses Esolv to allow the CBD or THC to not separate in the product. Nuriv also utilizes a patented bicarbonate downstream process that deodorizes and improves the flavor and flavor organoleptic of the natural CBD or THC. Similar to Baking Soda in your fridge, Nuriv HCO3- process deodorizes purified oil allowing great flavor and stability. Lastly, Nuriv incorporates unique flavor and encapsulation technologies. Nuriv uses natural patented and patents pending technologies combining Macadamia, Almond or Cashew protein that allows amazing flavor on top of the deodorizer CBD or THC.

Nuriv also supplies industries with CBD or THC concentrates that contain Nuriv technologies. These concentrates allow our clients to process their CBD or THC at their facilities. This enables our clients to obtain all the benefits of Nuriv technologies but across State or Country borders being they just simply add CBD or THC to our concentrates and then process beverages, shots etc. At their location. This includes clearer, water soluble options and micro-encapsulation, spray dry powder for sachets, stick packs, gummies, bars and more. Nuriv also processes finished product CBD beverages and shots under private label.

Nuriv Full Spectrum CBD

CM: Your products include 2oz and 8oz bottles for a number of health and wellness needs. Do you have plans on expanding your product line to edibles, topicals, or other products? Also, what is your best-selling product, and why?

Bromley: Yes, we have 6 tincture-like pump bottles being released in March. These will be Micellized CBD and Liposomal CBD products that deliver 20mg CBD in 1ml or 4 pumps. We will have each directed toward Sleep, Relax and a version that is just standalone CBD. I know I mentioned tincture are commodity-driven and we try to avoid that. The niche where Nuriv is outside the typical Tincture is our Micellized and Liposomal CBD technologies. Our Tincture will be patented and scientifically studied and tested to deliver a higher bioavailable form of CBD.

The Micellized version will absorb better and have a quick onset of action for immediate relief. The Liposomal version will be absorbed better as well, but deliver with a slow, sustained, profile. For example, Micellized form is good for daytime joint relief whereas the Liposomal form would be good for nighttime relief. We do process THC in a licensed facility for gummies etc. But currently do not do this for CBD as regulatory considers CBD to not be appropriate for deliverables that are marketed as similar to candy, thereby accessible for children. Nuriv processes multi-serving supplemental products That are properly dosed and labelled as Supplements, not single serving food like chocolate or candied mints, for example. Our best-selling products are surprisingly the 2oz sleep and relax. Sleep is the number one seller currently. Stuff knocks you out and tastes like Chocolate Brownie Batter, so very flavorful and satisfying at night but with no added sugar.

CM: Can you tell us about the source for your hemp products?

Bromley: We grow our Hemp in California. We process on an organic farm. Every lot is ISO and AOAC Cannabis, third party certified by:

Nuriv has every lot produced tested, licensed and certified. All third-party certificates and COA’ are available by request. We will have QR codes on labels in the next month that will allow ease of access to all reports and AOAC certifications, available for download.

CM: Micellization is an important aspect of your products. In laymen’s terms, what is Micellization?

Bromley: Micellization is similar to a detergent soap, although Virun Esolv is composed of natural Vitamin E. Micelles are composed of single lipid layers that are both oil and water soluble. The process of creating CBD or THC into a Michele allows to produce a small particle CBD/THC that can easily dissolve into water and become clearer. The clearer a CBD/THC Michelle is, also correlates with better bioavailability. CBD/THC actually have poor absorption and take forever to actuate. Micelles can deliver quicker and improve overall pharmacokinetics and dynamics because Micelles make the CBD/THC absorb similar to water or a water-soluble compound.

CM: With all the talk in the media and comments from the FDA lately, what do you see for the future of hemp and CBD products in the U.S.?

Bromley: According the California Public Health Department for Los Angeles County, we need to reference Assembly Bill 228 (AB 228). We work closely with the CPHD, which is a subsidiary division of the FDA and currently regulates the Cannabinoid industry in CA. We are also obtaining a THC license in CA. And will manufacture in a licensed facility for these products. This allows us to be versatile if the FDA were to regulate CBD similar to THC in CA. It is very important to be on the up and up with all state regulations, assembly bills etc.


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