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No stranger to entrepreneurship, Corey Mangold started his first company at the young age of 18. Even in his teens, he understood the great risk, and potential reward of going into business for yourself and accepted that challenge head-on.  

That risk has paid off more than once for Mangold, who has built multiple successful businesses over the last 20 years, the most notable so far being co-founding Gigasavvy, a leading Southern California advertising agency. Gigasavvy has launched and managed award-winning campaigns for Toshiba, Knott’s Berry Farm, Johnny Rockets, Hi-Chew Candy, Tenet Healthcare, and Northgate Markets, to name a few.

Despite the numerous noteworthy clients and accolades, Corey Mangold measures success a little differently. When asked what his biggest achievement is, he highlights two things–building companies that feel like families who work passionately together toward a common goal and never compromising personal integrity or ethics.

It is with that same uncompromising dedication to high standards that Corey approaches the cannabis industry. A studied medical cannabis user, Mangold started Orchid Ventures, Inc. with the intent of creating products that are enjoyable, approachable, and the highest quality, truly Creating the Highest Standards in Cannabis™.

“I had a passion for cannabis after seeing the positive effects it had on myself and loved ones. I hadn’t used cannabis in over a decade, but after years of anxiety issues and suffering nearly 20 panic attacks per day, and having multiple surgical operations due to the havoc caused by these panic attacks, I decided to start using both CBD and THC products and saw immediate improvement.” – Corey Mangold



How has your life experience and career trajectory brought you to the cannabis industry?

Corey: For the last 20 years, I’ve been building start-ups. Most recently in 2008, I started a company called Gigasavvy, which is a nationally recognized advertising agency that’s been Top 10 Places to Work in Orange County 4 of the last 5 years and markets some of the largest brands in the world.

Building brands has been a passion of mine since a very young age, and entering the cannabis industry and building my own brand was a natural fit.

I had a passion for cannabis after seeing the positive effects it had on myself and loved ones. I hadn’t used cannabis in over a decade, but after years of anxiety issues and suffering nearly 20 panic attacks per day, and having multiple surgical operations due to the havoc caused by these panic attacks, I decided to start using both CBD and THC products and saw immediate improvement.

I’ve now been free of any pharmaceutical drug for over 2 years and now suffer on average 1-2 panic attacks per week which are now much milder.

This passion for the great benefits provided by cannabis sparked my interest in creating brands that the mass-market would fall in love with. A brand built on integrity and focused on creating safe and effective products for the mass-market demographics, especially the “soccer mom” and “baby-boomer.”

Source: Marijuana Moms in Beverly Hills

What major problems with vape pens is Orchid solving?

Corey: With Orchid Essentials, our proof-of-concept product was a proprietary vape device that we designed in Irvine, CA. This device utilizes a cotton wick opposed to ceramic, which has been documented containing several potentially harmful emissions.

We also use high-quality glass and stainless steel, no plastics or glues, or anything that could potentially be harmful, anywhere near the heating elements. All with increased airflow and a wicking and coil system that we designed specifically around the viscosity of cannabis oil.

The end result was a battery that lasted longer than any we’ve seen on the market in any state, a more reliable hit without taste degradation, increased airflow creating a smoother hit, and high-quality oil that is consistent from state to state, batch to batch.

Overall, we created a vape with a superior user experience. Try one for yourself and you’ll experience the difference. Don’t take my word for it..


Orchid Essentials | Source: Businesswire

Your vape extracts have an especially high terpene content. Can you tell us a bit more about the importance of terpenes and why Orchid places such a large focus on them?

Corey: At Orchid Essentials, we create products that are very high in terpene content and also feature a very diverse formulation with dozens and dozens of terpenes unique to the strain being profiled.

You’ve heard of the entourage effect, well it’s real, and it’s not just all the different and lesser-known cannabinoids, but also the terpenes. Not only are terpenes responsible for the different tastes and odors found in cannabis, but they are also the catalyst of the effects of cannabis.

One strain might make you more alert, while another is sedative, while one makes you giggle, and one makes you want to read a book alone. Those different reactions are your body’s response to the terpene profile within that strain.

So if you create a vape cartridge and you don’t have all the terpenes found in that strain, or at least a majority of them, and formulating them at the same ratios, then you simply aren’t going to have an oil that has an experience similar or closely identical to the strain.

This is why Orchid products contain a more diverse profile than any others we’re aware of, but also a higher concentration more similar to that actually found in the plant.


What types of cannabis consumers does Orchid appeal to?

Corey: Orchid appeals to the 30+ consumer, one that appreciates quality and will pay for it. We are not focused on the seasoned cannabis user as much as we are focused on the new cannabis user.

We want the consumer that is going to give up their two martinis each night and move over to the healthier alternative, cannabis.

This user wants something that’s discreet, easy to use, doesn’t flood their home with the skunk smell of a joint, and a product that has an excellent user experience. This is why Orchid has such a loyal following because simply put, the product is much different than other vapes found on the market.

Orchid Essentials

Can you tell us a bit about your strain lineup and some of your more popular strains?

Corey: Our strain lineup includes some of the classics like Dutch Treat, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream and Granddaddy Purple, and also includes some that have our spin on certain strains, such as, Tropical Trainwreck with hints of pineapple, Apple Cookies with undertones of green apples, and Mango Super Silver Haze (SSH), that has the amazing effects of SSH, with a hint of fresh mango.

These strains combine to make a lineup that is sure to have multiple strains for each consumer, for each time of day and desired effect.


What’s next for Orchid Essentials!

Corey: Orchid Essentials, now publicly traded on the CSE under Orchid Ventures, has big plans for 2020. We will continue our focus on building the Orchid brand, and will also be launching two new brands, as well as adding dozens of new products to our lineup including CBD, CBG, and CBN products for both cannabis retailers and big-box traditional retail outlets.

We expect to see amazing growth with our brand and launching into several new markets including global markets!


Thanks for sitting down with us Corey!

Corey: Thanks for featuring our brand!

Corey Mangold – Founder of Orchid Essentials



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