Cannabis Growers Choose Diablo Nutrients for Optimum Plant Health and Yield – Here Are 5 Reasons Why


Diablo Nutrients, a company based and licensed in Canada, produces a line of what they call “smart nutrients” for cannabis growers. What makes their nutrients “smart?” They say it comes down to their Nano-Emulsion technology. Just like human nutritional products, plant nutrients are only useful if they get absorbed. And Diablo’s technology breaks down their nutrients to their most absorbable form, for maximum effectiveness.

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Since introducing their product line in 2014, Diablo’s scientists have worked to perfect their offerings, resulting in rave reviews from growers throughout Canada. But what exactly is it that cannabis growers love about Diablo Nutrients? Here are five key elements that their customers continually mention in reviews…

1. The products were actually created for cannabis growers. Unlike many nutrient products on the market, Diablo nutrients were not formulated for other plants and tweaked to work with cannabis. Diablo’s products were developed by plant researchers, specifically for use on cannabis plants. Why does that matter? If you’re a grower, you understand. The cannabis plant isn’t just any plant, and it needs specific care to maximize results. Diablo Nutrients provide one of the most important elements of that care – plant nutrition.

2. Diablo products are high quality. Every ingredient in Diablo Nutrients is technical and pharmaceutical-grade. The ingredients they source are not only based on years of research for their effectiveness, but they are chosen for their purity and safety as well. Growers and their customers want to know what’s going on their cannabis, and Diablo makes it easy to feel safe using the product you grow.

3. Excellent pricing. Especially for the quality and performance of Diablo’s products, their pricing is very competitive. They offer their retailers a chance to provide growers with an outstanding price and still make a healthy margin. It’s truly a win-win-win. And what growers repeatedly point out is that Diablo Nutrients increase their yeild, so it would be worth more than any other product on the market.

4.  Always the latest and greatest. While many of Diablo’s competitors still use formulas that were created decades ago, Diablo’s scientists are constantly looking for better ways to deliver a superior product. They produce the best products on the market, but they aren’t about to sit back and relax. Diablo Nutrients is dedicated to offering cutting edge products that truly make a difference in your grow.

5. They work! In testimonial after testimonial, growers using Diablo Nutrients rave about the effectiveness of their nutrient products. Their exceptional quality delivers exceptional results, and that’s really what matters most, isn’t it? With Diablo, growers report greater levels of  cannabinoids – its one of the major reasons growers choose Diablo. In turn that means higher quality and weight, and that means more profit. Bottom line is that Diablo is good for your bottom line.

Diablo’s 3-Part Cannabis Nutrient System

Diablo Nutrients

Diablo Nutrients’ products include a 3-part system that supports every stage of plant growth and produces the results every grower is looking for. It’s very different from the standard “one-size-fits-all” 5-5-5 formulations out there. Diablo recognizes that each stage in a plant’s growth requires a specific nutritional approach, and their 3-part system addresses the plant’s needs at each stage. Here’s a breakdown of the system:

Diablo Grow

Use this product to support early growth in clones and seedlings. With the right mix of key nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, Grow supplies young plants with what’s needed to experience strong leaf and root development, so critical for cannabis plants to be successful. A pre-flowering green burst is what you can expect from this product.

Diablo Micro

Diablo’s Micro formulation is ultra-low in salts and is the key to the success of the Diablo Nutrients system. This formula’s exact mix of micronutrients, nitrogen and potassium, in a highly-available form for optimum absorption, is the secret to its success. Use Micro through the growth and flowering stages of your cannabis plants to set them up for higher yields and quality.

Diablo Bloom

Flowering is about more than just big, healthy buds on a cannabis plant. Diablo’s Bloom product delivers that, but it also promotes trichome growth and increased resin production. Bloom is formulated with more phosphorus and balanced with potassium to produce sturdy flowers that give you the end results every grower is looking for.

Beyond their signature 3-step nutrient system, Diablo also carries a full line of products for every part of the grow process. From root support and soil conditioning, to additional supplementation and flowering enhancers, they’ve got you covered. They even have lines of water treatment products and a safe, residue-free plant wash. Check out Diablo Nutrients for more information.


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