Cannabis Cracks Creator Code


The last two years have been by far my most productive years as an entrepreneur. It’s no coincidence that in the last two years I have consumed more cannabis than any other time in my life.


I launched a creative agency, produced an album, co-produced an event for a Fortune 500 Company, worked with multiple globally recognized brands on creative projects and still managed to perform at high profile events all over the country. Cannabis radically charged my creative ability and allowed me to unlock potential I never knew existed.


After touring the country and beyond as a professional musician for seven years, I returned to Downtown Las Vegas to help my friend and mentor Joey Vanas with the First Friday Arts and Culture Festival. I was completely burned out on airports, hotel rooms and nightclubs and felt I needed to evolve professionally and creatively. Surrounded by talented creators and the buzzing energy of my neighborhood, I soon started to feel a spark within.

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cannabis street art

Cannabis Streetart by

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Incorporating cannabis into my morning meditation and visualization routine gave me a fresh new perspective and I quickly started to realize the reasoning for my existence. Whether it’s through music, speeches, experiences or creative projects, I am steadfast on positively affecting those around me. I am able to accomplish this mission with both my musical brand “Rico DeLargo” and my boutique agency, Lifestyle Supreme.


I wanted to create a brand that represented something powerful that everyone on the planet could tap into. My goal was to inspire people to present the very best version of themselves on a daily basis. Finding and presenting the most genuine, authentic, supreme version of oneself may be easy for some but not for others. Lifestyle Supreme was built to serve as a catalyst for helping others with this endeavor. The ability to create experiences for and with lifestyle brands was something I knew had the power to bring people together. My mission was to merge these ideas and create more opportunities for people to connect on a higher frequency.

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          Cannabis Meditation on the beach

Cannabis Meditation from MerryJane

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My go-to strain “Durban Poison”, was the rocket fuel for me and my team throughout the creation of Lifestyle Supreme. My album “6TH&FRANKLIN” manifested from 8 months of late nights and healthy amounts of “Purple Haze” and “Blue Dream”. Managing a musical artist is a full time job. Managing and being the touring artist at the same time is double the work. Combine both of those with the demands of professional creative work and you’ll need the focus, drive and determination of a champion. Cannabis cracked the code for me and gave me the ability to handle all the demands of my work with a cool, calm, collected demeanor.


On a much deeper level, cannabis thrusted my musical ability into a fresh new realm. I am better able to focus on the texture of the chords thus giving me a better opportunity to say something more meaningful through my instrument. Essentially, I am able to more deeply feel the music in my soul. Also, on a technical level, the pathway from my thoughts and ideas to my lips and fingertips on the trumpet seem to be much clearer. When I am able to enjoy cannabis before a performance or a recording session, I am more relaxed, more focused and genuinely excited to tackle the task at hand. I find my best notes and give my all in these instances.

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Rico DeLargo Trumpet

Rico DeLargo |

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I believe that in order to live a supreme lifestyle it is essential to approach each day with gratitude and acknowledge all of the beauty around us. Cannabis allows me to do this and so much more with greater ease. It serves as a catalyst to being a better musician, a more focused entrepreneur, a better listener and an advocate for peace. Our world currently needs more love and compassion. My mission is to deliver memorable experiences to people in as many creative ways as I can possibly dream. If a beautiful flower can aid me in this quest, I whole heartedly welcome its presence.


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