Cannabis and Exercise – Benefits and Risks


The initial thought of mixing cannabis and exercise doesn’t produce feelings of being a positive thing. But you must look deeper than the initial thinking that cannabis will cause you to consume a lot of food, sleep, and become slightly lazy. The “lazy stoner” stereotype is a thing of the past, only used to create funny memes and imagery in movies.

Studies are being executed, and polls were taken to show correlations between cannabis and exercise. In fact, many athletes use cannabis to improve performance and assist with recovery. Let’s explore deeper the benefits and risks associated with cannabis and exercise.

Benefits of Cannabis and Exercise

Cannabis has been scientifically proven to provide significant benefits in relieving anxiety, inflammation, and pain alleviation. A few scenarios on how cannabis has assisted exercise and recovery are:

1. Removing Anxiety

For some people working out or going to a gym is a stressful situation. The constant fear of being judged is a real struggle for some. By smoking, vaping, or ingesting cannabis before a gym session; those with anxiety have been able to focus on relaxing and their workout rather than how they look or what everyone else is thinking.

2. Meditation

The benefits of mediation are unreal, whether it is the typical finding a quiet space or focusing on your breathing while exercising. Both mediation routes can improve your mental well-being. Some athletes swear by vaping cannabis prior to exercising to focus more on the workout and tune into their breathing; the focus it allows helps them get into a mindful state.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

When working out, it can cause muscles and joints to become sore and need recovery time. Cannabis has been proven to have anti-inflammatory benefits and the ability to assist with faster recovery.

4. Pain Relief

Strenuous exercise or injuries can cause significant pain. Cannabis is an excellent alternative to pain relievers that can become addictive. Cannabis studies have shown promise in the ability to relieve pain.

Risks of Cannabis and Exercise

After many surveys, speaking to those advocating for cannabis and exercise, they will tell you that too much of a good thing is bad. Cannabis may have many benefits, but it can cause drowsiness and impairment. It is suggested that if you decide to mix cannabis and exercise, do so in small quantities. Just a bit can give you the boost you desire.

Too much cannabis before exercising can cause you to become too tired to work out or result in injury to yourself or others.

Cannabis and Exercise – Conclusion

If mixing exercise and cannabis intrigues you due to the benefits it could provide, start with tiny doses, see how small amounts can affect you and your performance before increasing doses. If you have friends or family that are cannabis users, talk to them about their opinions on the benefits and risks involved when mixing cannabis with exercise. Trying a home workout may be a good starting place before even attempting to travel to a gym.


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