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We get it. Cannabis advertising isn’t always easy. With years of experience in the retail and cultivation side of the cannabis industry, we understand the frustrations of trying to get the word out about your cannabis or CBD business. Even if you’re skilled at marketing traditional businesses, you may have found you get blocked by some media and social platforms and WAY over-charged and not treated well by others.

Let’s work together to make the cannabis industry all it can be! Join Cannabis Magazine in bringing outstanding content to all facets of the marijuana industry. If you’re looking for cannabis advertising in the form of banner ad opportunities, sponsored posts, or something more creative, we’d love to hear from you.

Your options may be limited in the traditional advertising world (with no Facebook ads, Google ads, TV or radio, etc.), but your options are many with Cannabis Magazine. Whether you’re trying to reach hundreds of thousands of cannabis consumers or other cannabis businesses within the industry, we’re an excellent source of eyeballs and traffic – through your door or to your website!

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