Boston Advocacy Group Beantown Greentown in Collaboration With Weavers and Shine Papers Rolls Jeff Sessions-Shaped Joints


This upcoming 4/20, conveniently on this Friday, will be a heavily celebrated one across the nation and not only because of the long-awaited release of Super Troopers 2. Apart from the sequel of an all-time classic of stoner cinema, this Friday will be celebrated in Boston for another equally as amazing and eventually historic moment.

Beantown Greentown, a Boston cannabis advocacy group and online clothier, will be celebrating the recreational celebration in Massachusetts with a grand and incredibly clever act that will surely get the very antiquated attention of everyone’s favorite Attorney General/ Foghorn Leghorn hybrid.

The advocacy group, whose opinion on Jeff Sessions is shared by the majority of the country, will be honoring the Attorney General with  a grand and incredibly clever act that will surely get the very antiquated attention of everyone’s favorite DOJ head. Beantown Greentown, in partnership with blunt artist Weavers  and Shine papers.  will be rolling Jeff Sessions-shaped joints for the upcoming High Holiday.

As icing on the cake or kief on the bowl, the Sessions joints will also be wearing a red-colored hat with white writing that says “Make Weed Legal Again” if they go according to the caricature designs.

The Sessions Smokeout will be held at The Boston Cannabis Co.’s Cannapalooza on 4/20.

Jeff Sessions Smokeout 4/20 2018 - Cannabis Magazine


Andrew Mutty, co-founder of Beantown Greentown, says the group is constructing the Sessions shaped joints as a public demonstration for reasons beyond federal recreational legalization, with access to medical cannabis being another driving force.

“It’s sad to me parents have to fight for medicine for their kids.” says Mutty.

“The epileptic seizures in children is a common condition treated by cannabis. Yet, the treatment is illegal in most states. There is a serious problem in our country when we can’t have access to these meds for our children.”

Weavers with Jeff Sessions Joints - Cannabis Magazine

Photo of rolling artists @Weavers_ Via @beantown_greentown

With a percentage of the proceeds of the event going to various Massachusetts-based cannabis groups and with Mutty’s personal experience as a sculptor, the party will be another example of the philanthropic nature of cannabis advocacy groups.

About whether he’s concerned that this demonstration of a joint shaped like someone so notoriously anti-cannabis could cause an uproar, Mutty doesn’t seem worried whatsoever.

“You can only make change happen as a large group with a good plan and something wild enough to get people asking questions.”

 “If each state made their own version of this and did something, we could rally together,” said Mutty.

Assuming the event and the controversially-shaped joints in Boston is a success and brings further national attention to federal cannabis legalization, imagine what Jeff Sessions-shaped joints being ignited in all current and future states with recreational legalization would do.   












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