Top 3 Cannabis Friendly Spring Break Vacation Spots


Are you still thinking about where to go for spring break this year?  Here are 3 top suggestion for any wanderlust cannabis enthusiasts who are ready for a cannabis infused vacation.


#1 Amsterdam

Is it possible that Amsterdam has lost some of its allure now that cannabis is accessible in a regulated fashion in the U.S.?  Well, we don’t think so!  Not only is spending time in an Amsterdam Coffeeshop a seriously pleasant experience, but the culture of Amsterdam itself is not to be missed.  The architecture, the museums, the tulips, the nightlife, and the really tall and friendly people all make Amsterdam a top spot to visit for a cannabis friendly spring break vacation.  The fact that you can enjoy cannabis products to enhance all other aspects of the Amsterdam experience is more of a bonus than a main attraction.

Suggested Elevated Activity: The Van Gogh Museum, Tulip Fields

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#2 Las Vegas

Vegas is the newest among the cannabis friendly spring break vacation spots. Cannabis adds a whole new aspect to the well established Vegas lifestyle.  Stopping in to the different dispensaries in Vegas is an experience in itself as many of them went more glitz and glam than one would usually expect from a dispensary in any other city.  Some of the popular shows (Cirque) are even more fascinating for viewers with a little cannabis to boost the creative mind flow.

Though, public consumption is still unlawful, so be mindful of where you consume while in Sin City.

Suggested Elevated Activity: The Beatles LOVE,  Seven Magic Mountains

cannabis friendly spring break vacations las vegas cannabis magazine


#3 Jamaica

Jamaica has so much to offer, and much like Amsterdam, is a cannabis friendly spring break vacation simply enhanced by some friendly cannabis action.  The music,  the beaches, and the nature excursions all make for the perfect spring break.  Jamaica is just getting its medical dispensaries off the ground, so tourists are still best off finding locals with good product.  Let your spirit free, enjoy the culture and the nature of Jamaica, and make sure not to bring your product with you when you return home as that is one thing which Jamaican officials aren’t so cool with.

Suggested Elevated Activity: Listen to live Reggae music at the beach

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