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Cannabis Magazine is the cannabis industry’s official magazine and online destination for the people, products and events that are moving the cannabis industry forward.

It’s an exciting time in this amazing industry. And the information that gets spread and consumed right now will impact the direction in which the industry moves. So, join with Cannabis Magazine to help steer the ship right. We’re not just another marijuana magazine. Our creative, responsible, innovative direction is unique among marijuana news publications. We aim to support the industry, in all its facets. From the couch seshes to the boardrooms, we’re here for the whole community. So, whatever your role, whoever you are, you’re welcome here, with open arms.

Big changes are happening! Society is coming together to recognize that marijuana has a positive impact on people all over, from all walks of life. Decriminalization and legalization are happening at an increasing rate. Governments and advocates are finally working together, to accept this beneficial plant for the wonder it is. And we’re here to track the progress, join in the celebration, and inform our members. Of course, there’s still a long road ahead, but we’re confident that we’re heading in the right direction.

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