5 Morale Musts for CannaBusiness Leaders


Leading a cannabis business, whether you are an owner or have a hired leadership position, makes you part of a social movement.  It makes you a part of social change. That’s a BIG responsibility.  Everything you do is judged harshly because this is an industry people are skeptical about.  There is a LOT of stress involved in leading a cannabis business, just as with any business…plus extra because its the cannabis industry.  Then, while trying to maintain composure and sanity,  you add the task keeping your team satisfied and thriving in an ever-changing and turbulent industry.  

It is a GIANT challenge.  

But, it has to be done because, if you haven’t noticed, there are a TON of millenials in the cannabis industry, and those darn millenials care about things like job satisfaction.  


Rather than trying to read the minds of all of your team members, here are some simple PERSONAL morale improvements you can make to boost the morale of your team over all.  It’s a win-win!


Morale Tip #1: Stay up to date on the industry on a national level, if not international

Morale Tip #1: Stay up to date on the industry on a national level, if not international
  • Know what’s up in markets outside of your own. Customers and clients constantly have questions about what it’s like in other states and you need to be able to provide them with that information in order to gain respect as an expert in your field.
  • You can only effectively lead your staff in navigating the industry if you know the state of the industry on a national level.  Expand your team’s understanding of the industry as a whole.



Morale Tip #2: Thoroughly educate staff
Morale Tip #2: Thoroughly educate staff
  • Don’t expect your staff to know everything they need to know just because they consume the product.
  • Be continually educating and promoting the use of research.
  • Be active in making learning part of the work environment, don’t expect employees to do everything on their own.
  • Create leaders, not just employees: With such a new industry, the workplace doubles as an educational institution.  You are creating the leaders of the industry.


APPRECIATE the fact that you have some of the most passionate staff members of any industry. Cannabis industry workers are excited to be part of the industry, they are hopeful about the future and they love the product.  Don’t kill this, feed it.  Feeding it will only improve your business culturally and financially.


Morale Tip #3: Keep cannabis culture alive
Morale Tip #3: Keep cannabis culture alive

One of the best things about cannabis is its social, compassionate and laid back culture. Of course it is best to make the industry increasingly sophisticated but be careful to not suck the life out of it. OF COURSE a top goal is to make an abundance of money, just don’t forget about the heart while you’re at it.  If you take the love out of it, you’ll see a whole lot of once passionate and productive people start to turn on you and/or leave.  Learn about the culture, understand it and then figure out how to integrate it into your ultimate success plan.




Morale Tip #4: Integrity in operations

Green Sky Collective | Photo Via: Travel Joint

Morale Tip #4: Maintain integrity in operations

Take pride in what your organization does and invite your employees to take pride in it as well.  Let your team take part in showing the world that cannabis businesses are not simply street dealers with fancy storefronts and cool equipment. A lot of staff join the cannabis industry because they believe they are part of something special.  Make that a reality for them.  Make it something special by creating something great for them to take part in.  Set, maintaining and value integrity in operations.



Morale Tip #5: Strive to set the standard, not to simply meet industry standard

The term “industry standard” is thrown around a lot, but it means very little in a primitive industry. Things have to continue moving forward and up for the industry to successfully establish a respectable reputation.  Be flexible and open to doing things differently, and doing things better than they have done before.  Make your team feel like they are part of something larger than themselves, because they are!  Let them take part in being creative in impacting the cannabis industry by setting new standards.




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