5 Best Canna Gifts for Your VALENTINE

Valentine’s Day is coming!  February 14th is just 1 week away.  Still thinking over what to get for your one and only?  If your lover happens to be a lover of all things cannabis, we have some V-day gift suggestions which we think of pretty highly. Just one of these would be a heart pounding delight, but combine all 5, and you’ve got a high vibration romantic experience to remember.


Kush Kard   |  for Your VALENTINE

Every gift should come with a Kush Kard this Valentine’s Day.  Tell your crush, or your cannabis loving king or queen that you think they’re dope with an, “All I Weed Is You” or ‘Your Love Is My Drug” card by Kush Kards.  Make them smile with a loving message, then share a smoke sesh, just you two.

Valentines Day Kush KardsValentines Day Kush Kards


Bath Soak   |  for Your VALENTINE

Surprise your love with a THC soak in the tub together.  Feel connected, zen and like there is nothing in the world to concern yourselves with outside of the love you share.  Add some rose petals and you’re golden.

THC bath soak Valentines Day Cannabis


Cannabinoid Massage  |   for Your VALENTINE

Show your lover you’ve got their back with a relaxing and sensual rub down using some cbd/thc infused balm.  Combine your massage skills with an infused balm and all of your lover’s worries are sure to melt away.

Valentines Day Cannabis Magazine


Box of Chocolates  |   for Your VALENTINE

Nothing like a classic gift with a twist.  Surprise the one that makes your heart race with some beautiful infused chocolates.  Edibles aren’t what they used to be, now we’ve got tasing results so your love can safely dose and there are some artistic chocolatiers making beautifully presented infused delights.  Visually pleasing and mind tickling.

Glace Edibles - Cannabis Magazine


Breakfast in Bed  |   for Your VALENTINE

Enjoy breakfast in bed together this Valentine’s Day and pair the delicious morning treats with an infused coffee brew.  Chill, relax, start the day off right and bright. 

Valentines Day Cannabis Magazine

Emerson Woods
Emerson Woods

Emerson Woods is all about using cannabis as a life enhancing product. How do we use this plant in ways that makes everyday life even better? How can it help us on our journey to becoming who and what we have always wanted to be? She sees cannabis as a lifestyle optimizer. Take what you already vibe with and se how cannabis can take that vibe higher.

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