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8 Smokers of Historial Significance

Cannabis and humanity’s 2000 (or so) years of peaceful coexistence have hit a bit of a snag. At some point in the early 20th cen- tury, it was decreed that hemp was no lon- ger a cash crop, but a tool for some unholy combination of communism, jazz music, and Alan Ginsberg poems.

In the year 2013, people continue to enjoy marijuana both medically and recreationally — only now they might be sent to prison. Like any other civil right, marijuana decrim- inalization is finally back on the table be- cause society has had enough time to shrug its collective shoulders. People just aren’t

as excited as they used to be about keeping these terrifying weed criminals behind bars where they belong.They were uninterested enough to collectively shrug their shoulders when the Pew Research group discovered that over half of America is in favor of de- criminalization.

We here at Cannabis Magazine whole- heartedly suggest to the American public that concerned citizens lock their doors, shut- ter their windows, and do their best to shield themselves from the horrifying reality that marijuana legalization is finally back on leg- islator’s tables across all of North America.

OK, really though, it’s happening. The stars have aligned and society has come to- gether to acknowledge that marijuana hasn’t really impacted any lives in a negative way. Two states have decriminalized marijuana, and more are jumping on the bandwagon as the powers that be finally settle their beef with the harmless plant that once acciden- tally almost unseated timber as the dominant paper product.

In celebration of a return to the status quo of the past 2000 years, here’s a lovingly gathered list of a few historical figures that may or may not have inhaled.


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